LG SN7Y vs SN7CY Which Is A Better Choice?

Soundbars are exceptional components that contribute to music enjoyment. Some brands are also outstanding because they have these units of exciting quality. One of these is the LG which has come up with a series of soundbars.

We have several models with different features and performances in the series. SN7Y and SN7CY are models that have brought a lot of confusion to users and buyers. They have almost similar features, but the performance is slightly different.

Today, our work is to look at the two, compare them, contrast them, and then give a verdict to help you choose the best. If you are in a hurry, we have a summary that will work for you. LG SN7Y has an excellent sound quality. It has subwoofers that help make the sound bigger and of better quality. Adding the Dolby technology makes the music performance more exciting. However, it lacks the Wi-Fi connection and other advanced features the competitors have. The sound is natural but not so big.

On the other hand, LG SNYC7 comes with advanced features. It has a Wi-Fi connection and other added-up technologies, such as the effective HDMI connection. But, the sound is light with a bit of bass. It has a bigger sound with unnatural quality


Among the soundbars in the 2020 lineup, LG SN7Y is the most amazing with features and support to formats. It has come with a 3.1.2 channel that will work with many formats. DTS and Dolby Atmos are some of the best things it has.

More interesting is the price it comes with because it is cheaper than the other models. The lack of rear speakers and minimal surround sound brings the other competitors on board to challenge it.

Design of the soundbar

The design of the soundbar shows a sleek structure which many people love. It is 37 inches long, and the finish looks expensive. You will get the left, front, center, and right drivers on the bar. Upfiring speakers make it convenient to maintain an output of 35 watts because of the 30-watt power driver.

Part of the soundbar is the wireless subwoofer weighing around 17 pounds. The bar does not have Wi-Fi, but the connections work perfectly when other devices are used.


Setup of the soundbar

Setting the soundbar becomes easier because the rear speakers, which pose a challenge, are absent. Connections are also wireless, and you don’t need management apps to do the various tasks. None of the settings needs intervention from the online support and software.

You will locate a convenient place to keep the speakers when setting them up. Once you connect the devices and switch them on, they will automatically connect. You can also opt to have the rare kit at a fee to add the size of the sound.

The bar itself has preset modes that enhance the sound quality.


LG SN7Y connects to the devices within it wirelessly. It features the HDMI and HDCP 2.3 ports for inputs. In correspondence with the HDMI is the ability to deliver the 4K quality sound. A pass-through for the Dolby Vision and HDR10 is also on the same port.

Moreover, it also has an optical audio port and USB input to connect the physical devices. Wi-Fi compatibility is a feature that does not exist in the soundbar. It has a Bluetooth connection that works well when operating within the range.

Sound quality

The beauty of this soundbar is the ability to handle various sound formats. It offers support to 24 bit/192kHz, which is high-resolution audio. Dolby Atmos, digital surround, digital plus, DTS, and many other formats are some of the best it supports.

You can use other formats for enhanced sound quality, WAV, FLAC, USB, and AAC formats. These are all helpful in delivering a remarkable and reliable sound quality. The sound settings such as sound pro, bass blast, and bass blast+ help you tailor the sound you desire.

Meridian technology has also come in to help the bar deliver good sound for video and audio. The sound is enjoyable because it allows you to add more features for surround sound.

The Dolby feature

The Dolby feature is exceptional for the sound quality of the bar. The feature begins to work when you press the F button on the remote. You can then work on the available features, such as singing birds. Adjusting the sounds you want to watch is also simple with this feature.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Remarkable Dolby features


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Limited bass


Getting a woofer-less LG model is one thing that many people desire. LG SN7CY is a model that many people have opted for in this case. This model sounds excellent when working with TV, streaming services, and direct connections.

The bar weighs 3.74kg and has five audio channels. It has a right, left, center, and additional two upfiring channels on the top. Dolby technologies are also a good feature because they combine with the upward-firing speakers to deliver a bigger sound.

Design of LG SN7CY

The bar has a sleek design that makes it look costly. It does not have external subwoofers but has 160W bass radiators located at the rear. The 160W is spread around the 5 channels making the room full of sound. It is 65mm tall and slim to manage most TV models.

It has a tiny remote control, ensuring that it does not disturb buttons. It is a single unit that you can easily handle and place at specific and strategic places. It has a single HDMI port, USB, DTS, and operational buttons at the top.


LG SN7CY setup

The bar can operate from any point of your home. You can choose to connect the wired and also use the wireless devices. It does not have operational apps that make it easier to use.

On switching it on, you will connect to the other devices. There are ports such as the HDMI and the earc ports that allow you to use multiple devices. If you desire to have the Bluetooth connection working, you will use the standard connection process to serve you. It works with all Bluetooth devices.

LG SN7CY connections

The bar has Bluetooth 4.0 connection that allows you to connect wirelessly. You also have the option of using Wi-Fi to access other devices and stream your content. However, it does not have google assistant making it difficult for people who love using the smart features.

HDMI ports are also available and play a bigger role in supporting GDR10/Dolby vision. Compatibility with formats is impressive as you will use the FLAC, WAVC, OGG, MP3, WMA, and other wireless formats. Devices that use the auxiliary ports will also have an easy time with the bar as they can easily connect.

LG SN7CY sound quality

The sound quality of LG SN7CY results from how you balance it. It has a thin bass, remarkable sound height, and a slightly unnatural tone, which you can eliminate by balancing. The Upfiring speaker and the digital sound processing make the output amazing.

The bar has more emphasis on the vocals rather than the sound effects. It gives more clarity to speech and the background sound. In music, you will distinguish between the track and the vocals. The treble is also good at emphasizing the background sound. Getting the mid and bass ranges is clear with the bar speakers.

Sound production goes in all directions, and on the heights, it hits the ceiling and then goes down, filling the room. Meridian expertise has also significantly contributed to boosting the sound you will get from the bar. You can use an app or remote to adjust the sound.

The Dolby Atmos feature

The Dolby effects work well when you have the Atmos mixes. It maintains the heights of the sound and then eliminates much noise. You can also work on the other sound effects to make the bass sweeter and channel sound production outstanding. You will get a better reality on the TV if you have placed it at a height.


  • Nice streaming sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Bigger sound
  • Upward firing channels
  • Simple setup


  • Modest bass and background sound interference
  • Unnatural sound


The two soundbars both have wired and wireless technology. They have ports that allow you to connect the various devices. However, SN7CY has HDMI 2.0 version while SN7Y has the 2.1 version. SN7Y has a subwoofer while the competitor does not have. SN7CY has 2 HDMI ports and a digital optical input which is not the case with the competitor.

SN7CY has an RMS of 160W, while SN7Y has 380W RMS and 160W speaker power. SN7CY has no subwoofer. In terms of sound production, SN7Y has a balanced sound that equally gets spread to the subwoofers. The sound is distributed in the rooms without considering the upward-firing and rear speakers.

SN7CY has upward-firing speakers and the other channels totaling to 5. The sound is more prominent and fills the room. However, it has a sharp sound than the competitor with less rich bass. The overall sound production is impressive, but it sounds not natural. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connection while the competitor has Bluetooth only.

The verdict

Comparing the LG SN7Y Vs. SN7CY brings out so many unique features. If you want a bigger sound, you better go or LG SN7CY. If you’re going to go for features, SN7CY has outstanding and more advanced features than SN7Y. For streaming services, you can do better with SN7CY than the competitor.

However, if you are looking for quality sound, which is the best thing with the soundbars, you will work better with SN7Y. It has features that ensure a better, balanced, and high-quality sound.

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