Edifier S350DB vs Logitech Z623 which is a better choice?

We all enjoy watching movies and listening to music on our phones and computers. Even if your device’s default sound is good, a decent speaker system will give you a better experience.

Our head-to-head comparison features the Edifier S350DB and Logitech Z623. Both are 2.1 speaker systems, although they are priced differently. So, is it worth buying the expensive Edifier S350DB, or does the budget-friendly Logitech Z623 offer better value for money?

Edifier S350DB is aesthetically pleasing and has a perfect size to fit in different PC setups. Also, it comes with premium features such as Bluetooth connectivity and a remote control. On the other hand, Logitech Z623 has incredible bass, THX certification and is affordable. Read on to find out.


Although you shouldn’t base your decision on the looks, pick a speaker that will match with the rest of your house. Obviously, some speakers are more aesthetically pleasing than others. So, how does the Edifier S350DB compare with Logitech Z623?

Edifier S350DB:

The subwoofer and the satellite speakers look sharp with the black front and the red maple PVC skin sides. Also, the grille and the exposed drivers add to the retro style, so it will be a spectacular centerpiece in any setup. However, keep in mind that the lack of the grille makes the drivers more susceptible to damage.

This sound system has a high-quality build and solid weight, with the bookshelf speakers at 5.71lbs (2.6 Kgs) each and the subwoofer at 25lbs (11.3 Kgs). In terms of dimensions, each speaker measures 8.8 x 5.0 x 6.0 inches (223.5 x 127 x 152.4 mm) and houses a titanium dome and 25-watt midrange driver. On the other hand, the sub is 12.3 x 10.4 x 11.7 inches (312.42 x 264.16 x 297.18 mm) with a 70watt driver.

The subwoofer is the hub with a power cable and connection to the bookshelf speakers at the back. In addition, it has two sets of 3.5mm RCA inputs – one labeled AUX and the other PC. Also, there is a Coaxial input, power switch, and connection to the left speaker.

Logitech Z623:

Its subwoofer has a decent design that will fit most home décor. Also, the satellite speakers have a unique shape with a curved back, rounded top, and faces slightly upward. Unlike the Edifier S350DB, the Logitech Z623’s drivers are protected with a grille. Thankfully, it is well perforated with large holes and will not interfere with the sound.

The stereo speakers measure 7.8 x 5.6 x 5.4 inches and have a broader base for improved stability. Furthermore, there is an aluminum phase plug that shields the drivers from magnetism and helps in dissipating excess heat. Also, the rubber pads at the bottom help to minimize vibrations.

The Verdict:

Both sound systems look wonderful. However, Edifier S350DB is more premium with a precise finish and higher quality material, while Logitech Z623 feels utilitarian. Nonetheless, both speakers have short cables that connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer.

Sound quality

Edifier 2350DB:

These speakers perform exemplary right out of the box, even when the room is relatively large. This is because of the 15W treble plus a 25W midrange output by the satellite speakers and 70W on the subwoofer.

The highs are slightly soft, which reduces fatigue, and the mid-range has great detail, especially above 160Hz crossover point. Additionally, the stereo imaging is respectable, making the sound pleasingly clear and soft regardless of the media you play. For example, it wonderfully portrays acoustic instruments and vocals.

More importantly, the digital signal processing technology balances the sound providing excellent clarity on all volume levels. While the bookshelf speakers play a vital role, the subwoofer has a powerful bass that gives a thundering punch.

Logitech Z623: 

Surprisingly, this speaker system produces a clear sound with deep bass yet is not too overpowering. In fact, the sound richness and depth is better than some more expensive options. Moreover, it has solid lows, a well-balanced midrange, and a crisp high. So, the speakers will not rattle or distort the sound even when you pump the maximum output.

Fortunately, you won’t need to do a lot of tweaking as the treble and bass are well-tuned automatically. However, if you require any adjustment, the right speaker functions as the base station with a bass knob. Hence, listening to music, watching movies, or playing games will be total bliss with the speakers.  

The best part is that Logitech Z623 is THX certified, guaranteeing the best imaginable sound. This means the sound system has gone through thorough testing to check whether it meets the industry standards in terms of audio reproduction. Overall, the system is easy to use, compact and satisfying.

The Verdict: 

This is another area that Edifier trounces Logitech, especially on clarity and neutrality of the treble and midrange frequency. The Z623 uses a single driver to cover the frequencies above the bass, so there is almost no treble. Also, it sounds congested and forced in the midrange, although the overall balance is mid-heavy. On the other hand, the S350DB sounds clear and detailed with good neutrality across the mids. In addition, the treble is incredible, which helps to improve the sound quality.


Controlling the different aspects of the speaker is very important. So, how do the controls of both speakers compare?

Edifier S350: 

The right satellite speaker has dials that allow you to control the volume, treble, and bass. It also has a well-sized sleek control puck with tons of options but doesn’t have bass and treble controls. So, you will have to get off the couch to change the sound profile, which can be cumbersome. Also, sensitivity is poor, so you will have to aim precisely and hope nothing is blocking the signals.

Logitech Z623: 

The only way you can control or adjust the sound is with the knobs on the right speaker. It does not come with remote control, which can be annoying when watching TV or movies away from the screen. Fortunately, the speakers do not require much finicking as it is already tuned out of the box.

The Verdict: 

Edifier S350DB is a clear winner in this category. It allows you to control the volume with the remote puck and also on the right satellite speaker. However, Logitech Z263 does not have remote volume adjustment.


While you may want a speaker that produces the best sound, it ultimately boils down to your budget. For example, the Edifier S350DB at $349 is more than double the price of Logitech Z623 AT $139. This high price difference is evident in the build quality, features, and performance.

What we liked:

Edifier S350DB

  • Sleek and solid construction  
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Apt-X Bluetooth compatible
  • Multiple connections

Logitech Z623 

  • Outstanding deep bass
  • Decent sound quality
  • Multiple input devices
  • Budget-friendly
  • THX certification

What I didn’t like:

Edifier S350DB

  • Short cables to the satellite speakers
  • The control puck does not have bass and treble controls
  • Small LED indicator

Logitech Z623

  • Lacks a remote control
  • Big subwoofer
  • Midrange and high frequencies are not crisp

Which is the better choice: The overall verdict

Generally, both are incredible speakers, and either option will serve your needs. Edifier S350 employs digital signal processing technology while Logitech Z253 has THX certification. However, the S350DB is a better sound system and beats the Z623 hands down. It has a robust build and quality sound and also comes with a control puck, although the price is a bit high. Logitech is also a reliable option and you can opt for it if you are on a budget.

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