Edifier S350DB vs Bose Companion 50 which is a better choice?

Choosing the quality and durable speaker for either an occasion or your home is something one must take into deep consideration before one goes to the market to choose the right choice speaker. As in the market, there are different kinds and brands of speakers; one may make the wrong choice if one is not careful.

Speakers are devices that help to amplify sounds from audio or video players to human hearing. Without the help of a speaker, one will find it difficult to hear what is being viewed on the television or hear what is being said on the radio set as the case may be. They are also regarded as an audio gadget that comes in a range of shapes and sizes. They vary from simple bookshelf speakers to high-end immersive audio systems. It can be difficult to find the perfect speakers if proper research is not made before you set out to purchase the kind of speaker which will suit your taste.

Are you a sound engineer or a casual listener, and you have tested a lot of speakers but it seems they are not giving you the perfect sound experience you have always wanted? Would you just fold your arms and continue listening to low-quality sound from a low-quality speaker? I know your answer would be NO as every individual loves to listen to the high quality of sound to enjoy a better sound experience. Take your time to read through this article as we are on our way to enlighten you on the kind of speaker that produces the quality sound for your space.

Today we are going to be centering our comparison between two speakers which are: Edifier S350DB and Bose Companion 50 speaker. These two speakers may render the buyers bewildered as the companies of the two brands are award-winning companies producing one of the best-selling speakers in the market.

In our course of study, we shall be considering the two devices, make our comparison, and be able to point out the speaker producing the better quality of sound. There are some things we need to take into consideration before setting out to purchase the speaker as our comparison is going to be cover price, design, specifications, performance exhibited by the speakers, and deduce our verdict.


In determining the kind of speaker to purchase, the pocket needs to be taken into consideration; the amount which is available to stretch out in obtaining the dream speaker is necessary to be considered.

The Edifier S350DB is priced at $340.99 while Bose companion 50 is priced at $279.00.

Considering the two brands, we can see that the Edifier S350DB is on the high side and it is far more expensive than the opposite speaker. As price is not the only criteria to know the best of product, in the course of study, we are going to know whether there is something so special about this Edifier S350DB that makes it more expensive than the Bose Companion 50.


The design of a product is very much important in determining the choice of a speaker as it adds beauty to the home and even renders it attractive to buyers. A wobbling or less attractive device will not and never be considered while choosing a speaker.

Edifier S350DB: 

The Edifier S350DB is a compact bookshelf with a lot of basses. As a result, it has been meticulously built to meet the criteria of elevated bookshelf speakers.

The satellite box is constructed of medium-density Fiber-board and has a red maple PVC covering. With the look, it appears to be a solid dark red, with wood grain visible when examined. This helps provide a classic, modern and minimalistic look. A speaker is also a built-in form of cube-like structure which enables it to stand firm on where it is being placed without falling off.

Bose Companion 50:

The Bose Companion 50 is designed in a specific way as it contains five speakers. The whole front grills, as well as the bottom of those speakers, are composed of metal. The grill has a lovely finish that appears to be a blend of silver and gold, and it looks extremely elegant. Behind the grille of each speaker are two drivers. The colors of the speakers are black and grey.

The handle that holds the units up and the back is made of plastic, but not the cheap kind. They are a little heavier than others and feature rubber pads bottom to keep them from sliding around. The amplifier is also housed in a subwoofer, which is a quite hefty item. Some people may find it excessively enormous.

The Verdict:

It was being said that the design of a product also determines the choice of selection. The two speakers look beautiful and elegant but looking at the Bose Companion 50, it is colored in black and grey which may not look nice as almost all the speakers in the market use that color. But the Edifier S350DB looks mature and elegant as it has a solid dark red color. In the area of design, most people prefer one product to the other due to the exceptionality of the preferred product.

The handles holding up the two units of the Bose Companion speaker may get broken as it is made from plastic thereby rendering it useless, but the Edifier is designed in such a way that it sits comfortably on the surface which is being placed.


The performance of a product is determined by the specification and features exhibited by the product. Some products are produced in an extraordinary and modern way and thereby produce high quality.

Edifier S350DB:

The Edifier S359DB has an integrated amplifier that drives and enhances the bookshelf speakers as well as the subwoofer. There is no stress in using this speaker as it can be connected using Bluetooth, RCA, optical, AUX, or coaxial to any other devices.

On the side of the speaker, there is a side panel that consists of knobs to control the effects on the speaker. The bass, treble, and volume may all be adjusted using these three knobs or the remote control.  

Bose Companion 50:

Bose Companion 50 is connected using cables, ie. it is a wired speaker. The speaker has an external control unit that enables the user to easily create an effect on the sound being produced by the speaker. The external control unit helps to change the volume, treble, and bass of the sound being produced. It also has a remote control for navigating through these.

The Verdict:

In this modern world people tends to go for a stress-free product, although the Edifier S350DB can also be connected using cables it also has an extraordinary way of connecting to other devices with the use of Bluetooth. Imagine you want to listen to your favorite program and you noticed that the cable for connection is bad, in the case of The Edifier S350DB, you can easily switch to Bluetooth mode but it cannot be done while using the Bose Companion 50.


A speaker is being known according to the sound they produce. The sound produced whether it is a quality or less-quality sound is defined by the speaker. This is the most essential thing to look out for in choosing the right speaker for your home, studio, etc.

Edifier S350DB: 

It is a 2.1 system speaker with a ¾ inch titanium diaphragm tweeter that is used in this speaker which helps to exhibit acute listening experience. The performance characteristics, particularly the instantaneous production is similar to that normal metal diaphragm.  The S350DB and the subwoofer have a 120-150Hz crossover point. The low frequency below 150Hz is used to polish and fill the frequency band. With a low-frequency perception of volume, flexibility, and encompassing feel, the S350DB’s low-frequency approach is more entertainment-oriented.

Bose Companion 50:

The Bose Companion 50 speaker provides the same level of realistic sound as a five-speaker stereo sound system but in a more practical configuration. The tiny, attractive desktop speakers are placed on stands to offer the optimum sound quality. The Bose companion 50 has a power output of 300watts and a frequency response of up to 20Hz

The Verdict:

Bose’s middle is clogged, unnatural and controlled and it dominates all other frequencies. This midrange is altered in such a way and generates a large soundstage. The Bose companion 50 also lacks treble extension in detail. Edifier S350DB provides a rich and extended bass while for Bose Companion 50, it is flat and boomy. The bass of the Edifier S350DB not only sounds better, but it also blends with the sound of the satellites while for the Bose Companion 50, the sound seems distinct to its speakers and they don’t blend.


It has been a rift between these two speakers but in the course of comparing the two speakers, we could deduce that even though the price of Edifier S350DB is on the high side, the design and the sound they produce is far better than that of the Bose Companion 50.

Economically, Bose Companion 50 is also an alternative to be considered over Edifier S350DB that is only if the buyer could not afford the cost of the S350DB.

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