Yamaha YAS 306 vs YAS-207 which is a better choice?

Both of these speakers are spectacular choices for your home. The soundbars give an amazing sound effect and serve all in-home needs well. Further, these audio sets are the finest picks for messy-free and manageable set-ups.

Picking one from these fantastic options is certainly tough. However, we have listed some differentiating factors to help you pick your ideal soundbars. Read to the end to understand these products the finest.

However, here’s a brief check if you are in haste. The Yamaha YAS-306 is a power performer with wireless operation and loudspeakers to suit your home needs. It is a very reliable choice for your multi-room and offers basic sound needs. On the other hand, Yamaha YAS-207 is also a fine wireless speaker but might have wireless connectivity issues. Otherwise, it is a great choice for entry-level use and has great sound and perfect remote handling for users.

Thus, for more insights on these exciting Yamaha models keep scrolling. Scan every detail and pick your ideal speakers with precision.

Comparison of Both Speakers


1. Design

The first variation is the design. Yamaha YAS-306‘s long sleek design is certainly an eye-catcher. It is a pretty big soundbar that is preferably paired with large TVs. So, if you want an ideal speaker for your fifty-inch TV, it might be your perfect match. However, the speaker does not look great with smaller TVs. Thus, prefer not to add it to them.

Further, the audio bar has a built-in IR repeater, so you can easily use it without hassle with connectivity features like a remote. Moreover, you can attach it to your wall and do not need additional tables or shelves.

The minimalistic look of this soundbar might not be very great, but it gives a classy look to your home-theatre system. These speakers come in black and silver variations; thus, pick your ideal choice accordingly.

Moreover, the speakers come with additional buttons on top of them. They assist in manual adjustments of basic settings like volume and connectivity. Altogether, the speaker has all you need, from light indications to features for a better user experience. The video will aid in perceiving the design better.

On the other hand, the Yamaha YAS-207 does not have a very explicit design but a simple soundbar and woofer. This device’s classy, sleek soundbar is certainly attractive, but the woofer may not please all.

Further, the YAS-207 has a full-touch operation on its front panel to control inputs and volume. The soundbar has green lights that make it look extravagant and appealing while in use. However, it may not be your finest choice for overall design needs.


The Verdict

The Yamaha YAS-306 is surely a winner for its exceptional design. It has a thin and elegant soundbar to serve all your décor needs. In the case of the YAS-207, the speakers look fine, but the woofer is a major drawback.

2. Features

The Yamaha YAS-306 requires network connectivity to access its striking features. Thus, prefer plugging a cable or simply connecting it to Wi-Fi using the MusicCast app. You can connect the speakers to 2.4GHz networks only. Overall, wireless connectivity is not an issue with these audio sets. They offer ease of operation and work smoothly.

Further, you can effortlessly configure the audio set to the TV and other gadgets. Also, you can opt to disable your TV’s internal speakers and use these speakers for maximum ease. Fit the masterpiece on your home audio system and rely on it entirely for ease of operation.

The soundbar comes with a compact and precise remote control. Using this handy device, you can amend all the basic settings like volume, input, and connectivity.

On the other hand, the YAS-207 is highly compatible with Dolby and DTS soundtracks. Also, it is the foremost soundbar to have a virtual surround mode feature. To connect the speaker, you necessitate a 4K-compatible HDMI cable, a wireless connection like Bluetooth and an optical port.

The soundbar also features a USB slot for better use; however, the lack of display does not permit you to check your firmware. It is vital to the earlier versions did not feature DTS. Thus, pick the updated speakers to get maximum ease and profits.

The Verdict

In the case of features, picking a winner is tricky. However, if you want better sound features, YAS-207 is your ideal match. It features the latest sound technology and other soundtracks to suit your needs. But, if you are looking for connectivity and wireless operation, the YAS-306 is a clear winner.

3. Performance

Considering sound performance, the quality of the YAS-306 is way ahead of your regular TV speakers. It offers an extraordinary sound to amplify your entire system and give better viewing and listening experience. The speakers deliver perfect balance and impact to give you desired outcomes. Yet, the soundbar has some flaws that seize it from being the finest in the market.

Altogether, its sound is fantastic and offers a crisp, loud cinematic experience. Further, it offers the finest on-screen action to give you the best while watching your favorite movies. You can listen to all details and get a theatre-like feel each time you use these amazing speakers.

Also, the speaker has an external sub to control bass in small areas. Yet, it might not give you a room-trembling experience. So, if you wish for such bass, you may have to add a subwoofer for perfect outcomes. Also, the soundbar might lag at mid-range and disperse on high-volume levels. However, a smooth experience with these speakers is not possible at all times. The best way to sustain sound quality is by using the speaker at maximum volume at all times. You will never feel annoyed or disturbed while listening to it at even high volumes. Also, the speech and every part of the audio remain crystal clear. Further, you can also opt for its clear voice feature to make your low-volume audio clearer.

And on the contrary, the audio grade of the Yamaha YAS-207 is terrific. It offers crisp high-volume audio and deep bass. Again, in these speakers, you can opt for the clear voice feature to experience the finest audio quality for your shows and films. However, ensure you set the volume right as the bass of this soundbar can be loud.

Further, it is the first speaker to add the DTS feature. DTS Virtual:X enables speakers to sound like traditional soundbars via signaling processes if you are not familiar with the term. However, one major setback of the YAS-207 is that it necessitates firmware to use the DTS. So, you might have to update your speaker to the earliest to experience its finest audio quality.

The traditional stereo of the Yamaha YAS-207 is undoubtedly impressive. Further, the DTS Virtual:X and Virtual Surround features are truly amazing. Click here to know more about it. Also, the response of its bass is superb because the speaker comes with an additional subwoofer. However, the low bass could be out of control sometimes. Overall, the speakers’ bass, sound quality, and clearness are perfect. They offer the finest sound quality only.

The Verdict

For performance and quality, the Yamaha YAS-207 is a clear winner. It has additional features and perks to suit all your sound needs well. In the case of the YAS-306 also has good quality audio. However, not as good as the YAS-207. The bass and sound of the two speakers are noticeably different.

4. User Experience

The Yamaha YAS-306 is a very user-friendly device. It has ease of operation and remote-control use that suits all needs. Further, the device has wireless connectivity to remove the hassle of long cables and wires.

Connecting the soundbar to other wireless devices is also very simple. You can connect the speakers without any trouble or hindrance. Its overall connectivity and user ease are excellent and manageable for use. However, for bass and sound, the speaker may lag a little. Its sound is suitable for serving basic audio needs but not the finest for your in-house parties and other movie night experiences.

On the other hand, the Yamaha YAS-207 is another excellent option for wireless connectivity. However, connecting it to other devices might be tricky. Otherwise, the speakers offer the finest sound quality and experience to suit users’ needs.

The soundbar is ideal and manageable to use at all times. It has simple connectivity options and wireless fitting to eliminate the trouble of long cables. Altogether, the user experience is great in terms of sound but can be tricky for connections.

The Verdict

The most reliable choice for user experience would again be YAS-207. Its connectivity could be an issue but is not difficult after understanding its use. The YAS-306 also offers exceptional ease of connection, but might lack a few other aspects.

The Verdict

Overall, the speaker the most suitable choice out of these two is certainly the Yamaha YAS-207. The YAS-306 could also be a reliable choice if you want soundbars for your basic sound requirements. Overall, both the Yamaha models are fantastic in sound and use. They offer easy usability and exceptional sound for basic home purposes. Thus, select the finest pick for your in-home audio system, considering the features that suit you the finest.

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