Klipsch Reference R-26FA vs R-625FA which is a better choice?

Due to the present pandemic and technical breakthroughs, we can now enjoy a movie at home without having to leave the house. Quarantine has become much more pleasant as a result of these advancements. Speakers are one of these technical advancements, and corporations are constantly seeking to introduce new technology that will appeal to customers.

Are you looking for a speaker system to bring soul to your party or make your TV viewing experience more cinematic? Then investing in a high-quality speaker system is a must. There are many different types of speakers, wired and wireless, available currently at varied prices.

Both of these speakers are home cinema or home theatre speakers that deliver a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. This experience is delivered through high-definition speakers and screens.

Today, we will compare Klipsch reference r-26fa against Klipsch reference r-625fa. We will compare the prices, the design, and the sound quality to see which a better option is.

Both of these speakers are well-loved and have numerous positive reviews by their users on multiple platforms like Youtube and TikTok.


Description of Klipsch reference r-26fa:


The Klipsch reference r-26fa is a Dolby Atmos speaker system to enhance the TV watching experience. One of the most affordable pair of speakers, they come with woofers and tweeter on the top. The speakers are directed to spread the sound on the front, back, right, left, and towards the ceiling.

The speakers are 39 inches tall and have all the important options and ports in the front. A front-ported speaker allows you to position it closer to the wall without any problems.

The woofers are copper spunned, which gives out amazing sound quality and is long-lasting.

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Description about Klipsch r-625fa:

Klipsch r-625fa is a speaker system with Dolby Atmos features, including the receiver and content. Apart from that, it also has 5.25 inches IMG woofer and a 1-inches tweeter.

Along with Dolby Atmos, these features take your TV watching to the next level. Along with providing an unforgettable sound experience, the heightened speakers allow the sound to spread all around the room.

This gives an illusion that the sound is coming from all directions. These speakers, coupled with a good quality LED TV, are all you need for your movie nights.

The sleek design and fashionable finish make the speakers easily acceptable in any room and surroundings. There is a wide range of speaker having different prices.

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Comparing the price:

When it comes to buying anything, the item’s price is the most important consideration, and entertainment is no exception.

However, keep in mind that a product’s price does not always mean that it is a better option; as a result, you should measure the cost against other variables, and the cheapest or most costly option is not always the best.

Klipsch refernce r-26fa:

These floor-standing pair of speakers is available for $750. They offer the Dolby atmos feature and provide a warranty for any accidents or problems faced with the speakers for a valuable price.

These speakers have a two-way design to allow the sound to travel through the whole room. It has a top woofer that faces the ceiling and allows the sound to echo off the roof. The top woofer is of 5.25-inches cone woofers coupled with a 1-inches LTS tweeter.

The second woofer has two 6.5-inches woofers along with a 1-inches tweeter. These woofers are faced towards the front and let the sound travel towards the viewers. The woofers and tweeters and the Dolby Atmos receiver give an echoing effect and allow it to travel through the whole area.

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Klipsch reference r-625fa:

Available at $830, these speakers are a different variety offered by Klipsch. They have the Dolby Atmos technology along with a 6.5-inches woofer that is copper spun and magnetically shielded.

The 1-inches tweeter is made up of an Aluminum diaphragm to decrease any noise and breakage of the sound. One woofer is faced upwards while the other two are forwards facing.

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The difference between the two different models of speakers is next to none. However, there is a price difference of about $80. For almost the same things as the design, the size of woofers and tweeters, why should you pay an extra $80? Hence, the reference r26 fa takes the lead here and is a better option.


Comparing the Design:

One of the most substantial elements to consider when making a purchase is the design, which relates to the product’s overall appearance. The design and color attract our attention since they decide how well it will mix in with other pieces of furniture, the room, and the gadget to which it will be linked. The first impression a buyer has of a design can either make them fall in love with it or make them hesitant to buy it.

Klipsch reference r-26fa:

The intricate design of these speakers makes them one of the best choices for a cinema-quality sound system. It has a main Tractrix horn measuring 90×90 inches to provide an enhanced experience.

The linear travel suspension 1-inches tweeter minimizes any possible distortion of the sound. The woofers are made up of spun copper and are IMG (injection-molded graphite) to provide clear low-frequency sound and bass.

The black body and coppery-colored woofers make the design elegant and modern. The design makes it possible to be fitted into any room. They can go well with any overall color scheme and design of a room.

Klipsch reference r-625fa:

Similar to the reference 26fa speaker, they contain three woofers in these speakers. One woofer facing the roof resounds the sound through it, making travel throughout the whole room.

The other two woofers are facing forward and provide excellent low-frequency sounds. The 1-inches tweeter is made up of Aluminium and has Kapton suspension to keep the distortion next to none.

They are made up of Black polymer that is scratch resistant. The black exterior and copper-colored woofers allow it to fit seamlessly in any room.


Both speakers have the same quality finish and design with minimal differences between the two. It makes the decision more difficult than ever. But the reference r-26fa takes the lead here because it has a vinyl finish compared to the 625 fa, which is made of black polymer.


Comparing the sound:

The sound quality of a speaker is the most crucial factor to consider. As a result, a speaker with strong bass, amplifiers, and subwoofers would be ideal. The pleasure of using speakers is amplified tenfold when combined with simple connectivity and control options.

Klipsch reference r-26fa:

The sound quality provided is seamless and intricate due to quality materials and Dolby Atmos. The speakers, unlike many other speakers, have a ceiling-firing woofer. Most cinema sound systems have speakers that are slightly faced upwards. But, Klipsch has brought forward innovation in their speakers.

The vertical speakers are tall enough to have two woofers facing forward. But, it also has a space on the top part of these speakers. This top section has another woofer facing towards the ceiling. This allows the sound to travel upwards and echo off the walls.

The woofers are paired with an Aluminium 1-inches tweeter that has linear travel suspension. These tweeters decrease any form of distortion created. Combined with the Dolby Atmos technology, they will create a resounding sound effect that will feel like reverberating through you.

Klipsch reference r-625fa:

At an astounding height of about 39 inches, these speakers have two copper spun woofers facing forward. And one woofer facing upwards. These woofers send the sound at a speed that lets it echo off the walls and ceiling to create a cinematic experience.

The 1-inches aluminum tweeter along with 90x90Tractrix horn filters the sound to remove unnecessary noise and reduce the distortion. This makes the sound extremely clear and even.

This helps in producing clear dialogues even with high background music. It has a tractrix port on the back, which creates a clear airflow for better sound quality.

The Verdict:

Produced by the same company, these two different speaker systems are almost the same. The price difference between the two is about $ 80 and a 1-inches height difference. The woofers and tweeters are made up of the same materials. The cross-over frequency difference is about 200 Hz, and 3 pounds weight difference is.

As there are not many differences, both are good choices, but the reference r26fa takes the lead. Both have copper spun woofers, with two facing forward and one facing upwards, and therefore provide almost the same quality sounds.

That’s why the decision-making comes to the price with minimal distinction; why pay extra?

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