HW-Q800A vs HW-Q700A which is a better choice?

Comparing hw-q800a and hw-q700a is like selecting from Samsung’s finest. It is surely not a simple decision to make and a cut-to-edge comparison. However, we have listed all details below to offer a whole idea. Soundbars are vital parts of your stereo system, and thus, picking the finest is a must.

Before purchasing digital gadgets, one must consider all aspects to make a valuable purchase. Reliable products give you optimum outcomes and fine play for a long time. So, to make a worthy purchase for yourself, read to the end.

Nevertheless, if you are in haste, here is a brief review of both the speakers. The hw-q800a is a perfect speaker with optimum bass and a low audio profile. It also has updated features and other perks to serving users’ needs the best. On the other hand, the hw-q700a is quite similar but does not have as many features as the hw-q800a. However, its sound quality, performance and overall features are fine for its price.

To know in-depth about each speaker, consider reading to the end. The article has all aspects of assisting you in making a reliable choice to serve your wants well.

Comparison of the two speakers

1. Design

The foremost comparison to consider is the design. If you are looking for soundbars that blend with your interiors well, you must check the structure of each of these soundbars. The design of both these speakers is quite similar. Their top and frontal bar have a metal grille covering, making them appear sleek. However, apart from this, the entire soundbar is constructed using hard plastic.

Further, the back of the soundbars has two openings. Its right end is for the power cable, and the left is for other cables. Moreover, they have a hole on the underside, which helps to mount them easily on the wall or any other surface. Altogether, the bar design of both speakers is convenient and precisely built for client needs.

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On the contrary, the woofer design of the hw-q700a and hw-q800a is slightly different. The hw-q800a is somewhat smaller in size. In the case of the hw-q700a, the dimensions are comparatively bigger and broader. Both soundbar woofers are constructed with wood but have different fabrications on top. The speaker of the hw-q700a is towards the front, whereas the speaker of the hw-q800a is sideways. Altogether, both speakers have unique looks to differentiate the models more clearly. Apart from the design, only a few other factors distinguish the two speakers.

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The Verdict 

The hw-q800a has a compact and sleek design, whereas the hw-q700a has larger speakers. Comparing the two over design is quite tough; however, the hw-q800a has a higher edge considering overall construction.

2. Sound

To differentiate the two for sound, you must check some sound-related aspects. These performance distinguishers will assist you in picking your ideal model better.

  • Center Sound 

As we know, the hw-q800a and the hw-q700a have varied woofer designs and center speakers. The execution of both center speakers is incredible. Both of them have balanced audio and pitch that helps them produce crisp and clear sound at all times. Further, both can produce a sound as high as 90 dB SPL to serve your in-house party needs. However, both vary when it comes to distortion. The hw-q800a sounds fantastic at high volumes, whereas the hw-q700a sounds better at low levels. Altogether, the sound produced by both the center speakers is amazing. Yet, the hw-q800a has a higher edge over the other.

  • Frequency Response 

Undoubtedly the hw-q800a has a finer frequency response in comparison to the hw-q700a. However, both speakers have neutral stereo sounds that permit them to deliver high-quality sounds at all times.

Further, the sound accuracy of hw-q800a is slightly more accurate than the hw-q700a. But both produce equally accurate audios to offer perfect sound. Moreover, both the soundbars have an incredible high-frequency response. But for low treble and sounds, the hw-q700a is a clear winner for its performance. Otherwise, considering other aspects, the hw-800a has a higher-end because of its extended features and perks.

  • Harmonic distortion 

Samsung’s hw-q800a has slightly better harmonic distortion than the other soundbar. However, in certain high-volume cases, the performance of the hw-q700a could be better than the hw-q800a. Yet, one can easily notice distortion in sound at high volumes in both speakers. But, the hw-q800a is better sounding than the other and thus, acquires a higher-end in this aspect. Even at normal sound levels, the distortion is quite noticeable. Altogether, at all volumes, the soundbars might offer some distortion which might cause difficulty in hearing.

  • Sound Enhancement 

Both the soundbars offer incredible enhancement features. The speakers have night mode, auto volume, woofer level tuning, bass tuning, treble alteration, and other fantastic features. Further, both of them also offer preset and graphic options. A user can easily customize their sound by using the exclusive range of presets available at their end. Moreover, you can also opt for voice enhancement features using the app or other smart digital options. Altogether, both the speakers offer several sound adjustment and enhancement features to their users.

They also offer Acoustic Beam to their users. It is a feature that assists in bettering the overall hearing experience created by virtual audios. So, considering sound alteration and adjustments, both the soundbars have stunning features to offer to users. Please go through the video for further information.

The Verdict 

Altogether, considering performance, the hw-q800a certainly is a more reliable pick. It has extended sound perks and gives exceptional audio at all times. However, the hw-q700a is also a great option but lacks certain factors compared to the hw-q800a.

3. Performance

The balanced and precise sound profile of these soundbars offers stunning performance to offer clear and perfect audio at all times. Both the speakers are great for your favorite tv shows. You will get clear dialogue sounds and other assistance with them. Further, their voice enhancement feature also helps improve the audio for you. Moreover, they can get extremely loud; thus, no matter how crowded the room is, you will distinctly be able to listen to all dialogues and sounds.

Further, the power performers have an Auto Volume feature, which permits listening to the audio more clearly and accurately without any mixing. However, when it comes to performance for your favorite TV shows, the hw-q800a is somewhat preferable. It is because it has a stunning stereo frequency response and an incredible center speaker experience.

If you want the best performance for music needs, both the speakers are great. As they acquire a neutral sound profile, they are reliable options for most music genres. Further, the soundbars also offer varied customization features to serve a user’s needs the finest. It permits individuals to make sound alterations accordingly and get maximum sound quality with experience. Moreover, both are comparatively loud and make fine options for parties. They are reliable for music purposes; however, the hw-q800a is better. It works well with both high and low frequencies and gives you the sound quality you are looking for.

The Verdict 

As we know, both the soundbars are equally incredible at sound and performance. However, the hw-q800a has a higher-end over the other. It offers quality and power performance to serve every audio need perfectly.

4. Connectivity and Controls

Both the speakers have similar connectivity. They can be connected via HDMI and other methods. The HDMI of both the soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and other extended perks. Further, apart from HDMI, they also have digital audio options available. However, connecting them via digital means only permits Dolby Atmos and DTS formats.

The soundbars are also supported with wireless connectivity options. Further, they also feature built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features to offer maximum ease of connectivity.

Considering controls, you can make changes via a remote, SmartThing app, and manually. However, the voice navigation feature is one benefit that the hw-q800a has over the hw-q700a. You can control features using your voice on the hw-q800a as it features an in-built Alexa.

The Verdict 

Hw-q800a is a more suitable option while considering controls. It offers a variety of eases and extended features like voice commands to serve users well.

The Verdict

Altogether, the speakers have a cut-to-edge comparison like we have seen. However, the hw-q800a is a better option because of the advanced perks. The speaker is the latest model and has all the aspects you need. However, it is higher in price a bit. So, if you are looking for a cost-efficient option, you can also opt for the hw-q700a as it has no major difference. Thus, consider the aspects well and pick your ideal soundbar as per your need. For visual aids refer to video below.

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