Klipsch Cinema 800 vs Samsung Q950T which is a better choice?

Having the right audio setup for your home can undoubtedly do wonders for your family’s or friends’ movie nights, making your favorite films and shows sound more alive. Of course, not everyone has the room or budget for more complex home entertainment systems.

That’s where soundbars like the Klipsch Cinema 800 and Samsung Q950T come in; they deliver crisp, clear, and high-quality audio without taking too much space around your display or budget.

Still, no two soundbars are the same, and these two are no different. That’s why we’ll be delving deeper into the primary differences between these two products, including the price, design, sound, and extra features, in this article.

Of course, if you’re in a rush, here’s a quick breakdown of these two products:

The Klipsch Cinema 800 offers excellent audio output at an affordable price, with a sleek, modern design and several connection options for versatility. On the other hand, the Samsung Q950T does cost slightly more, but it delivers a more powerful performance and a more dynamic range.

The Price

As you know, not everyone has the budget to go for more expensive audio systems, which is why it’s essential to know how much each product costs.

While you can’t go wrong with either the Klipsch Cinema 800 or Samsung Q950T in terms of quality, the price can still be a significant factor.

Klipsch Cinema 800

In terms of pricing, the Klipsch Cinema 800 is considered the more affordable option between the two. Currently, you can find this soundbar for only $969 on Amazon and its official website.

The Klipsch Cinema 800 was first released in 2020, and it served as an upgraded version of its highly popular predecessor, the Klipsch Cinema 600. Of course, Klipsch has since released another version of these soundbars – the Klipsch Cinema 1200.

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Samsung Q950T

The Samsung Q950T is undeniably the more expensive option between the two, with its price averaging around $1,799.99 on its official store.

It’s one of Samsung’s more high-end soundbar releases in 2020, and it served as an upgrade to its predecessor, the Samsung Q950R.

It built on what was already amazing about the Q950R. Of course, like the Klipsch Cinema 800, Samsung also released a newer model to replace it – the Samsung Q950A.

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The Verdict

Again, you can’t go wrong with either option since you can enjoy excellent audio quality and fantastic sound performance, regardless of which soundbar you choose to buy.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, the Klipsch Cinema 800 can be the better choice. It’s priced at almost half of what the Samsung Q950T costs, which means you get to save more without sacrificing your system’s sound quality.

The Design

Design is another critical element when it comes to choosing which soundbar is suitable for you. After all, this type of audio system was designed to save more counter space without affecting the sound’s quality or its ability to provide you with an immersive audio experience.

So, how do the Klipsch Cinema 800 and Samsung Q950T fare in terms of design? Let’s find out.

Klipsch Cinema 800

When it comes to the Klipsch Cinema 800’s design, you should know that the soundbar itself features a sleek and modern appearance that fits in with any interior design.

It also has a low-profile height that allows you to place it in front of your TV without obscuring the view in any way. You also have the option to mount it on the wall for a more seamless installation.

Aside from that, you should know that the soundbar itself is made mainly from plastic, with a wraparound cloth covering the top, part, front, and bottom of the bar. It does come with interchangeable wooden end-caps for a more elegant appearance.

Likewise, the subwoofer it comes with has a 10-inch fiber-composite cone woofer that’s enclosed with premium-quality wood, which adds to its impressive appearance and overall function.

It also has four wooden legs that keep it from hitting the floor. This is notable because the power and drive are both located underneath.

Samsung Q950T

On the other hand, the Samsung Q950T impresses with its fantastic craftsmanship, with each component designed to blend in seamlessly with your home’s design.

Like most soundbars, it features a sleek and slender frame, and it doesn’t obscure your view of your TV, even when placed right in front of it.

It’s wider and heavier than most, and it has angular sides with openings that help with its ability to deliver surround sound. Like the Klipsch Cinema 800, it’s made primarily from plastic and covered with a fabric that protects its inner components.

Meanwhile, the subwoofer it comes with is made primarily from wood, ensuring it delivers excellent sound quality without compromising its appearance. It also comes with two satellite speakers made mostly of plastic and fabric.

The subwoofer and satellite speakers are somewhat taller and longer than others, but they’re still sleek enough to fit in any room without taking up too much space.

The Verdict

In terms of design, we’ll have to give it to the Samsung Q950T since it features a well-crafted design that takes into account both style and function to provide the ultimate listening experience.

The Sound

Sound quality is undeniably one of the most critical elements to consider when choosing any type of audio equipment. In this regard, we’re happy to say that both the Klipsch Cinema 800 and Samsung Q950T offer excellent audio output, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

Of course, they still have their differences, so which one should you choose?

Klipsch Cinema 800

When it comes to sound quality, the Klipsch Cinema 800 doesn’t disappoint. It delivers excellent audio with a well-balanced sound profile that makes it suitable for any type of audio, whether it’s dialogue from your favorite show or rich sounds from your favorite music genre.

In fact, your audio will come out crisp and crystal clear, which means you can hear every piece of dialogue or note effortlessly. This sound system also comes with three different dialogue enhancement features, as well as different presents and a graphic EQ, for a more customized audio experience.

The only downside to the Klipsch Cinema 800 is that its Atmos and surround sound features could be better, especially if you want a more immersive experience with your audio.

Nonetheless, the Klipsch Cinema 800 is still an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple and affordable setup that delivers when it comes to audio quality.

Samsung Q950T

On the other hand, the Samsung Q950T delivers an exceptionally powerful performance, even with its relatively slimmer profile. In fact, it does better than its predecessor in terms of output and performance, and it’s capable of hitting volume levels that even the most trained ears won’t be able to tolerate.

Aside from that, the Samsung Q950T also combines detail and power incredibly well, so you get a fully rounded and 3D listening experience that can make what you’re listening to feel more immersive.

This sound system also comes with additional helpful features for the ultimate listening experience, such as sound presets, a graphic EQ, and dialogue enhancement features. These make the Samsung Q950T another versatile choice for your audio needs.

The only downside to this model is that it doesn’t have an auto-calibration system, which is slightly disappointing, given its higher price tag. Still, it can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a richer and fuller sound that successfully immerses you in what you’re listening to.

The Verdict

Again, you can’t go wrong with either of these two soundbars if you’re looking for products that deliver exceptional audio quality and sound. However, if we had to choose, we’d have to give it to the Samsung Q950T.

Not only does it produce exceptional sound quality and is incredibly versatile, but it also has enough power to reach volumes that your ears might not even be able to tolerate. Aside from that, it has a rich and fully rounded sound that can fully immerse you in what you’re listening to.

You can learn more about what the Samsung Q950T has to offer in this video.

The Connectivity and Extra Features

If you really want the best bang for your buck, it’s best to go for audio systems that offer multiple connectivity options, as well as extra features that can make that price tag worth every penny.

So, how do these two do in terms of this category?

Klipsch Cinema 800

For connectivity, the Klipsch Cinema 800 comes with several physical ports that allow you to plug in different devices for your audio. It has two HDMI input ports and one HDMI output with eARC, as well as an analog input port via a 3.5mm jack.

You can also connect to it wirelessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Aside from the Wi-Fi, you can also connect it to your network via an Ethernet port. For its extra features, this model comes with a handy remote that allows you to control your device from wherever in the room.

However, you can also control it directly with the built-in control buttons found on top of the soundbar. Alternatively, you can also adjust its settings using its handy mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Samsung Q950T

Like the former, this Samsung soundbar comes with several physical ports for connectivity, such as one HDMI output, two HDMI inputs, and an option for optical digital audio input.

You can also connect to it wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with an extra option on some phones to connect automatically by just tapping them against the soundbar.

In terms of additional features, the Samsung Q950T also comes with a handy remote for controls, as well as discreet buttons on top of the soundbar itself. What’s more, you can also adjust its settings via a mobile app and the voice assistant Alexa.

The Verdict

For this, we consider it a tie between the two products. The Klipsch Cinema 800 might not have the Alexa control feature, but it does have a 3.5mm jack for analog audio, as well as an ethernet connection.

On the other hand, the Samsung Q950T offers more conveniences with the Alexa voice control and one-tap connection for some devices.

The Verdict

While both products can be considered solid options for soundbars, we’ll have to give it to the Samsung Q950T for this comparison.

Apart from its unique design that perfectly combines function and style, it also offers better sound quality and a more immersive experience. However, it is more expensive than the Klipsch Cinema 800, but it can still be your money’s worth if you’re looking for an upgrade.

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