How to stop record player from skipping when walking around?

How to stop record player from skipping when walking around?

Record players are an amazing piece of technology that has withstood the test of time. With the resurgence of vinyl records, it is no surprise that more and more people are investing in record players. However, one of the biggest challenges that people face with record players is when they skip while walking. This can be frustrating for music lovers who want to enjoy their music while also being mobile. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to stop a record player from skipping when walking.

  1. Keep the Record Player on a Flat Surface

One of the most common reasons why record players skip when walking is because they are not placed on a flat surface. The uneven surface of the ground causes the record player to wobble, and this can result in the needle jumping around and causing the music to skip. To prevent this, make sure that your record player is placed on a flat surface. If you’re on the move, try to walk on a flat surface or place the record player on a backpack or other sturdy surface that won’t wobble.

  1. Adjust the Tracking Force

The tracking force of a record player is the amount of pressure the needle applies to the record as it plays. If the tracking force is too light, the needle can bounce around on the record and cause skipping. Conversely, if the tracking force is too heavy, it can cause the needle to dig too deep into the record, causing damage to the grooves. To adjust the tracking force, refer to your record player manual and make sure it is set correctly. Typically, the ideal tracking force is between 1.5 and 2 grams.

  1. Upgrade Your Needle

The needle, also known as the stylus, is a crucial part of the record player. If the needle is old or worn out, it can cause skipping, especially when walking. Consider upgrading to a higher-quality needle, which can provide better tracking and reduce the chances of skipping. The type of needle you need will depend on the cartridge of your record player, so make sure to research and purchase the correct one.

  1. Reduce External Vibrations

External vibrations can also cause a record player to skip when walking. This can be caused by various factors, including foot traffic, nearby speakers, or even a shaky floor. To reduce external vibrations, try placing your record player on a shock-absorbing mat or stand. Additionally, try to minimize foot traffic around the record player, and keep it away from speakers or other sources of vibrations.

  1. Use a Record Clamp

A record clamp is a small device that attaches to the center of a record and helps to keep it in place while playing. This can be especially helpful when walking, as it can prevent the record from bouncing around and causing the needle to skip. Some record players come with a built-in clamp, but if yours does not, you can purchase one separately.

In conclusion, record players are an excellent way to enjoy music and immerse yourself in the world of vinyl records. However, skipping can be a frustrating issue, especially when walking. By keeping your record player on a flat surface, adjusting the tracking force, upgrading your needle, reducing external vibrations, and using a record clamp, you can minimize skipping and enjoy your music while on the move.

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