Edifier S3000pro vs S360db

Edifier S3000pro vs S360db

Edifier has built a reputation for producing high-quality speaker systems, and in this article, we will compare two of their premium models: the Edifier S3000Pro and the Edifier S360DB. Both speakers offer exceptional sound quality and advanced features, making them popular choices among audio enthusiasts. The Edifier S3000Pro is a bookshelf speaker system that boasts studio-grade audio performance, while the Edifier S360DB is a versatile 2.0-channel system known for its immersive soundstage. By examining their design, sound performance, connectivity options, and additional features, we aim to help you make an informed decision when choosing between these two impressive speaker systems.

Design and Build Quality : The Edifier S3000Pro and the Edifier S360DB both exhibit sleek and sophisticated designs that reflect their premium status.

The S3000Pro features a classic bookshelf design with a wooden enclosure. The speakers are crafted with high-quality materials, including aluminum and wood, which enhance their overall aesthetic appeal. The front face of each speaker is covered with a detachable magnetic grille, allowing for a clean and minimalist appearance. The control buttons are conveniently located on the side panel of one of the speakers, providing easy access to adjust settings.

In contrast, the S360DB showcases a modern design with a glossy piano black finish. The bookshelf speakers are constructed using MDF wood, ensuring durability and superior acoustic performance. The speakers feature a front-facing metal grille that adds a touch of elegance. The S360DB also comes with a remote control, allowing for seamless control of various functions and settings.

Sound Performance: Both the Edifier S3000Pro and the Edifier S360DB deliver impressive sound performance, but with distinct characteristics.

The S3000Pro is equipped with a 6.5-inch aluminum alloy diaphragm driver for the midrange and bass frequencies, along with a planar ribbon tweeter for the high frequencies. This combination produces detailed and accurate sound reproduction with excellent imaging and clarity. The speaker system also features a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) and advanced audio processing technology, ensuring precise sound tuning and low distortion. The S3000Pro offers a wide frequency response range and a total power output of 256 watts, making it suitable for both music enthusiasts and professionals who seek accurate and detailed audio reproduction.

On the other hand, the S360DB boasts a 2.0-channel configuration with a 4-inch aluminum diaphragm driver for the midrange and bass, coupled with a 19mm silk dome tweeter for the high frequencies. This setup delivers a balanced and immersive soundstage, with well-defined vocals and instrument separation. The speaker system incorporates DSP and dynamic range control technology to optimize audio performance and maintain clarity at different volume levels. With a total power output of 120 watts, the S360DB is capable of filling a room with rich and vibrant sound.

Connectivity and Features : Both the Edifier S3000Pro and the Edifier S360DB provide extensive connectivity options and additional features to enhance the listening experience.

The S3000Pro offers a variety of wired and wireless connections, including RCA, XLR, coaxial, and optical inputs. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX HD codec, enabling high-resolution wireless audio streaming. The speaker system includes a remote control and supports volume, input selection, and playback controls. Additionally, the S3000Pro features a USB input that allows direct connection to a computer for high-quality audio playback.

Similarly, the S360DB offers multiple connectivity options, including optical, coaxial, and RCA inputs, ensuring compatibility with various devices. It also supports Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX and AAC codecs for wireless audio streaming. The speaker system features a side panel with touch-sensitive controls for convenient access to volume, playback, and input selection. Additionally, the S360DB includes an integrated amplifier with DSP, providing sound customization options.

Comparison and Conclusion : When comparing the Edifier S3000Pro and the Edifier S360DB, it is evident that both speaker systems offer exceptional sound quality and advanced features.

The S3000Pro stands out with its studio-grade audio performance, thanks to its aluminum alloy diaphragm driver and planar ribbon tweeter combination. It excels in reproducing precise and detailed sound across the entire frequency range, making it an excellent choice for audiophiles and professionals who seek accuracy and clarity in their audio reproduction.

The S360DB, on the other hand, provides an immersive soundstage and a balanced audio experience. Its 2.0-channel configuration, coupled with advanced DSP and dynamic range control technology, ensures accurate sound reproduction and a captivating listening experience. The S360DB is ideal for users who prioritize a wide soundstage and immersive audio performance.

Consider your preferences in terms of design, sound performance, connectivity options, and intended use to determine which speaker system best suits your needs. Whether you choose the Edifier S3000Pro or the Edifier S360DB, both models offer exceptional audio quality, premium build, and a range of features that will enhance your listening experience.

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