Parasound newclassic 200 pre vs a Halo P 5

Parasound newclassic 200 pre vs a Halo P 5

Parasound is renowned for producing high-quality audio components that cater to both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. In their lineup, two notable preamplifiers stand out: the Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre and the Parasound Halo P 5. Both models offer impressive performance and features, but they cater to different segments of the market. In this article, we will compare and contrast the Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre and the Halo P 5 to help you make an informed decision based on your specific audio needs and preferences.

Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre

The Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre is part of the NewClassic series, which is designed to offer high-quality audio at a more affordable price point. Here are some key features and attributes of the NewClassic 200 Pre:

  1. Flexibility: The NewClassic 200 Pre provides a range of inputs and outputs, making it suitable for both two-channel audio setups and home theater systems. It offers both analog and digital inputs, including a phono input for vinyl enthusiasts.
  2. DAC Capability: This preamp includes a high-quality 192 kHz/24-bit ESS Sabre DAC, ensuring exceptional audio performance when using digital sources.
  3. Tone Controls: The NewClassic 200 Pre features bass and treble controls, allowing users to fine-tune the sound to their preference.
  4. Home Theater Bypass: It offers a home theater bypass function, making it easy to integrate into a surround sound system.
  5. High-Quality Components: Parasound is known for its commitment to using high-quality components in their products, and the NewClassic 200 Pre is no exception.

Parasound Halo P 5

The Parasound Halo P 5 is a part of the higher-end Halo series, known for its uncompromising audio quality and advanced features. Here are some key attributes of the Halo P 5:

  1. Pure Class A Preamplification: The Halo P 5 utilizes pure Class A preamplification for pristine sound quality. It offers balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs for audiophile-grade performance.
  2. Advanced Digital Processing: It features a Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DAC and advanced digital signal processing for precise audio reproduction.
  3. Dedicated Subwoofer Output: The Halo P 5 includes a dedicated subwoofer output with a variable crossover, making it an excellent choice for optimizing bass response in a stereo setup.
  4. Home Theater Bypass: Similar to the NewClassic 200 Pre, the Halo P 5 offers a home theater bypass mode for seamless integration into a surround sound system.
  5. Precision Volume Control: The preamp boasts a precision motor-driven volume control for precise adjustments and excellent channel tracking.

Comparing the Two

When comparing the Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre and the Halo P 5, consider the following factors:

  • Audio Quality: The Halo P 5, with its pure Class A preamplification and advanced DAC, is likely to offer slightly superior audio quality compared to the NewClassic 200 Pre.
  • Flexibility: The NewClassic 200 Pre is more versatile with its wide range of inputs and tone controls, making it suitable for a variety of setups.
  • Price: The NewClassic 200 Pre is generally more affordable than the Halo P 5, making it an attractive choice for those seeking high-quality audio without the premium price tag.
  • Use Case: Consider your specific use case. If you primarily use digital sources and demand the highest audio quality, the Halo P 5 might be the better choice. If you have a more varied setup and budget is a concern, the NewClassic 200 Pre offers excellent value.


Both the Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre and the Halo P 5 are outstanding preamplifiers, each catering to different segments of the audiophile market. Your choice should be based on your budget, specific audio needs, and the level of audio quality you desire. Whether you prioritize flexibility and affordability or uncompromising audio performance, Parasound has options to meet your requirements.

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