Wet Sounds Sound Bar for Golf Cart

You know that we are all about great sound quality from speakers here and that is why today we are looking at some of the best Wet Sounds sound bars for golf carts. We love Wet Sounds and if you check out the range of Wet Sounds Sound Bars that are currently available, you will see that you really are spoiled for choice! No matter if you are someone who likes to actually play golf and have some tunes playing as you do. Or if you are like me and enjoy messing around with your golf cart around your property having a dedicated sound bar can make things that little bit more fun and it is way better than just using the speaker on your phone!

Things To Consider When Buying A Wet Sounds Sound Bar For A Golf Cart

Ok, so this should go without saying, but I really wanted to share with you guys what I feel the main two things you want to look for when adding a badass sound bar to your golf cart are. I recently did a similar article about Bazooka Party Bars and much of what I said there rings true here also.

It Has To be Waterproof: Ok, Wet Sounds are far as I am aware only make waterproof sound bars so that is ok. However, your golf cart is going to be outdoors 99 percent of the time, and as we all know they do not exactly keep you or anything in them shielded from the rain so it being waterproof is essential.

Do Not Cheap Out On Sound Quality: When you take a look at the different sound bars for golf carts that Wet Sounds offer. You notice that they have them at all ends of the pricing spectrum. One thing I highly recommend you do is not to get too hung up on the price. We all want as much bang for our buck as possible. However, if you are just going to get something cheap, you might as well just use the speaker on your phone as cheap sound bars never sound that much better.

Wet Sounds Sound Bar For Golf Cart Reviews

I had a good look at the different sound bars Wet Sounds offered and have a few of them I want to share with you here. It is worth noting that when it comes to sites like Amazon or eBay, you do not seem to get as large a selection as you do on the actual Wet Sounds site. In saying that, there are only a few models of Wet Sounds Sound Bars for Golf Carts, but the different ones can come in different colors if you know what I am saying.

1. Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Ultra Amplified Marine/ATV/Golf Cart Sound Bar Speaker with Bluetooth White

2. Wet Sounds STEALTH-10-CORE-W Non Amplified STEALTH 10 V2 Passive Sound Bar White

1. Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Ultra Amplified Marine/ATV/Golf Cart Sound Bar Speaker with Bluetooth White

The first one we are checking out is the Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Ultra Amplified Marine/ATV/Golf Car Sound Bar Speaker with Bluetooth White and this is the one that I have actually used myself. You are looking at around 600 bucks for this bad boy which I do not think is bad at all. The version I used was the white one (as my golf cart is mainly white) however, it does also come in black. It is right around 25 inches in length so it is not too long at all and it is only 7 inches in thickness so it has a nice and small footprint. For a golf cart, I think this is a really ideal size as you hardly even notice it is there if you have installed out of sight. Speaking of which, it came with cable ties, L clamps, and the other basic stuff you would need to install it to your cart.

So, the price is ok and the look is nice, but what about the sound? Well this is 200 watts and it boasts as the name suggests 6 speakers. 4 3-inch drivers and two 1-inch titanium tweeters allow you to crank this up pretty damn loud without any distortion in the sound quality. I was rocking some Poisons greatest hits while I was screwing around in the yard with this and it sounded great! The actual unit is designed with keeping the elements at bay in mind. Not just the rain, mud and other wetness, but it is designed with keeping dust out of it as well which I thought was cool. I found that connecting it to my phone was super easy, literally took a couple of minutes if that and I was rocking in no time at all.


  • I really liked the overall style
  • Even at louder volumes, this thing sounded great
  • It takes up very little space
  • It pairs with your phone/iPod very easily


  • The clamps it comes with may not be ideal for you cart
  • Not sure if the white will stay nice and clean long!

What Other People Are Saying

While there are only a few customer reviews on Amazon they are all for five stars. Best for ATV riding. Good sound and blue tooth compatible. Was what one review had to say. The way I look at this is that if it is ok for this dudes ATV it is going to be more than ok for a golf cart as it is bound to get way wetter and dirtier on an ATV than it ever will a golf cart.

I really do not have any complaints about the Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Ultra Amplified Marine/ATV/Golf Car Sound Bar Speaker with Bluetooth White at all. It looks the part, I feel that 600 bucks is more than a fair price for a sound bar for a golf car of this quality and it has that Wet Sounds quality all throughout it. The rather small stature of it as well makes it something that easily blends in with any golf cart.

2. Wet Sounds STEALTH-10-CORE-W Non Amplified STEALTH 10 V2 Passive Sound Bar White

Ok, so granted I have not personally tested out the Wet Sounds STEALTH-10-CORE-W Non Amplified STEALTH 10 V2 Passive Sound Bar White, however, this thing is really cool and well worth taking a closer look at. You are looking at around 650 bucks for this (with some places charging another 50 or so for shipping) so I feel that the asking price here is more than ok, even it if it more than what companies like Bazooka are charging. As this is part of their “10” range it is a tad longer at a hair over 30 inches, but it does have a rather slim body to counter this so I am sure it will fit in fine with most standard-sized golf carts. As is the case with other Wet Sounds sound bars for golf carts, you also get the standard brackets, cable ties, and so on to make installation as easy as possible.

While I have not got my grubby little hands on this one. I have had a look at the specs and it sounds like a really solid piece of kit. With 10 drivers even though this is one of their “passive” models I would wager that the sound coming out of this is going to be nice and rich. From my experience with Wet Sounds they try and keep all their stuff using the same higher-grade components so I am sure that while the sound is not amplified, you will get a clear, rich, and very “real” kind of sound coming out of this. Which when you are driving around and listening to some music is what you want. All Wet Sounds products that I have seen make connecting to your device as easy as possible. The elements are no match for this one, even if you are in the middle of a round and the heavens open up and you have to high tail it back to the clubhouse!


  • I like the slim design of it
  • It is available in both black and white
  • It is offering a nice non-amplified sound
  • 10 drivers!


  • The price is creeping up a bit
  • I am not sure how good the included clamps will actually be

What Other People Are Saying

As is the case with other sound bars for golf carts from Wet Sounds, there is not a ton of information/reviews floating around for this one. Thanks to my detective skills I was able to find a really good video review for this sound bar. While this review is for the black version, it is the same sound bar. What I like about this video is that the guy gives you an unboxing as well as showcasing the kind of sound you can expect from this.

I am very impressed with the Wet Sounds STEALTH-10-CORE-W Non Amplified STEALTH 10 V2 Passive Sound Bar White. I do know that it is getting close to that 700 bucks mark, but there is a good reason why Wet Sounds are so proud of this. The sound quality I am sure is great and will be more than fine when you are cruising around. It is going to fight off the elements and look damn good doing so as well. In all, if you want a longer, but slimmer kind of sound bar I think you need to take a real close look a this as it is sure to tick all the boxes of what you are looking for.

A Few Extras To Consider

Much like I did when we took a look at what Bazooka offered, I wanted to take the time to look at what extras are on offer for a Wet Sounds sound bar for golf cart and there are a few that I do think are worth taking a closer look at. Now, in my experience I got the sound bar and all that it came with was good enough for me. However, I do know that some might be wanting something a little “extra” to get the most out of their sound bar.

The clamps that came with the one I got were fine for my golf cart. However, you can purchase many different shapes and styles of Wet Sounds clamps if your golf cart is a bit different and the ones that come with your sound bar are not ideal. These are priced between 30 and 40 bucks so they are not a huge investment.

If you really want to kick things up a notch and make your golf cart rock, a Wet Sounds Subwoofer could be just what you need. Now granted I have not used one of these, but they have a great selection of subwoofers as well as enclosures that if you are savvy enough, I am sure would be a great fit and also a great way to really make your golf cart rock!

We all know that things can get a little crazy when we are out cruising. With that in mind, if you do lose your remote, you can buy a Wet Sounds Stealth HD Remote Replacement. I will admit that I think 50 bucks for a replacement remote is a tad high, but it is here if you need it. 

I think adding a soundbar to a golf cart is a great idea. Using your phone is ok, but the sound quality no matter the phone you have, especially with the volume cranked up can always be rather tinny. I was more than happy with the Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Ultra Amplified Marine/ATV/Golf Car Sound Bar Speaker with Bluetooth White that I put through its paces. I found the size perfect for my golf cart and as I tend to not have it cranked too loud, the sound clarity really was fantastic.

The Stealth 10 one I am sure really rocks as well and could be ideal if you want that extra kick. Just remember that Wet Sounds may only offer a few different sound bars for a golf cart, but they do offer them in both black and white so I am sure there will be one that not only offers you great sound, but will also look cool on your golf cart too.

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