Best Amplified Marine Soundbars Under $600

Best Marine Sound Bar For Boat In 2022

We have been searching for the best marine sound bar for your boat that is on the market right now and today, we are excited to share our findings with you. If the term “marine” is throwing you off, just think of it as a waterproof or weatherproof soundbar. There are several of these available for purchase, and we tested a couple of them. Among these, we selected three of the best amplified marine soundbars that look, feel, and sound solid.

Why Would I Want An Amplified Marine Sound Bar?

To answer this question, we have to first understand what classifies as an amplified marine soundbar. 

Marine: Having a soundbar that can withstand water or even a beating from mother nature is important for the longevity of any outdoor sound system. I recently looked at the 5 best waterproof soundbars for a boat and being able to take water is essential. The same applies if you intend to operate the soundbar on a golf cart or even for that summer pool party you have planned for months. If you intend to use a soundbar outdoors in any capacity, I would strongly suggest that you purchase a waterproof soundbar.

Amplified: This one should be self-explanatory. An amplified soundbar is not only louder, but it may also offer you better overall sound quality. While a non-amplified soundbar may easily fill a room, it may fall flat in an open space. If the soundbar is installed outdoors, you want it to produce as loud a sound as possible. This criterion is even more of a priority for golf carts and boats that have loud engine noises that will compete with your soundbar. 

The Best Marine Sound Bar for Boat Reviews

Now that you have a brief understanding of what an amplified marine sound bar is, we are going to delve into the more exciting bits of this article. Today, we will review some of the best amplified marine sound bars on the market in 2020. If you need a sound bar that can handle getting wet, you cannot go wrong with any of these:

  1. PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar
  2. Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System
  3. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Soundbar

PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar

PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar

We are going to start with the PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar. As of this writing, this soundbar retails at approximately $500. At this price point, the PowerBass XL-800 is no small chunk of change. Even so, the XL in its product name is warranted as this bad boy carries 600 watts of amplified awesomeness! 

This soundbar is decently sized at 27 inches long and it is neither too small nor too large. At close to 20 pounds, this soundbar weighs considerably. If you want to attach it to a boat, ATV, or even the wall next to your pool, please ensure that you secure it properly. We love the overall design and how the buttons are placed in a circular pattern. I connected this to my phone with ease and that is always a bonus.

The speakers are six 3-inch full-range ‘marine’ grade speakers. With these impressive speakers, the sound quality of the PowerBass XL-800 is excellent. I messed around with these speakers in the backyard by the pool and the kids went nuts. We absolutely loved it and you can still hear it nice and clear even at higher volumes. I found the bass to be nice and solid, and in all, I was impressed with the clarity of the sound that the PowerBass XL-800 produced. 

The downside of the PowerBass XL-800 is that the remote oddly has to be purchased with a different model. However, if you are as comfortable as we are with controlling the speakers through our smartphones, that will not be much of an issue. 

What others are saying

I will admit the music this dude is playing is not my cup of tea at all (does no one else listen to heavy metal these days?). However, this video showcases the PowerBass XL-800 very well. It is easy to see why the PowerBass XL-800 has to be on this list of the best amplified marine soundbar. In this video, you will get a good indication of the size of the PowerBass Xl-800, and you can also get a sense of just how loud it can go without any distortion of the sound quality.

Although the PowerBass XL-800 carries a steep price, it is still the lowest priced soundbar of its class! If you want a powerful marine soundbar that is easy to connect to your phone and produces great sound even at high volumes in vast open spaces, you cannot go wrong with the PowerBass XL-800. 

The PowerBass XL-800 can withstand the elements and the best part? It looks kickass while at it! 


  • Durable build that can is both waterproof and weatherproof
  • Amazing sound quality with the right balance of bass and treble
  • Very easy to connect to your phone via Bluetooth or an audio jack
  • With all things considered, the asking price is fair and value for money


  • May be beyond the budget of some consumers
  • Oddly, the remote is not included in the box

Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System

Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System

You are probably looking at the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System and wondering, “Could the BTB6 be that great a soundbar?” I get that! Even so, I genuinely feel that this sound system fits the range of amplified marine soundbars that we are looking at today. 

The first thing that captures your eye with this soundbar is its asking price. There are two versions of this series of speakers by Sound Storm Laboratories. The one I checked out is modestly priced at just over $100 for a 6-inch soundbar. If the 6-inch soundbar is too small to fit your needs, Sound Storm Laboratories offers a slightly more expensive 8-inch soundbar from the same series. 

The shape is unconventional and it defies our idea of a soundbar because it resembles a tube more than a bar. Despite how it looks, the BTB6 is weatherproof. The BTB6 is designed for the outdoors and it is perfect for use on a boat or on an ATV that gets caked in mud and water. The construct of the BTB6 is a tad “plasticky” for my liking, but at this competitive price, you pay for what you get and I believe the pricing is fair.

The BTB6 measures 26-inches in width, a fact that surprises me as the photos make the speakers seem much smaller. The soundbar comprises two 6-inch speakers and 1-inch tweeters. Although these are not the most technically-advanced speakers out there, I know of some folks who are looking for an affordable amplified marine soundbar and that is where the BTB6 comes in. 

At 450 watts, the power is decent enough. I did find that when I cranked up the volume, the BTB6 did not produce as ‘rich’ or ‘real’ a sound as the PowerBass XL-800. Even so, whether you are lounging by the pool or having a party on a boat, I do not think you will mind it at all. I connected my phone wirelessly via Bluetooth and I did not experience any problems. You can also choose to connect to the speakers with an audio jack.

What Other People Are Saying

Currently, BTB6 has an impressive average review of four stars out of 424 ratings. I scrolled through most of them and I was happy to see that people were not just impressed with its low price, but also by the sound quality that they were getting at just over $100. 

“HOLY CRAP! THIS THING BOOMS! for two 6.5-inch speakers, the bass is low and punchy and the highs are crisp! Absolute best value!” is what one consumer who attached the BTB6 to his ATV had to say. 

In terms of sound quality, it was tough to move on to the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 after I had played around with the PowerBass XL-800. Yet, I found myself drawn to what the BTB6 offers for its price. The design of this soundbar is an acquired taste, but If you can get past its strange design, I am sure you will be very satisfied with the bang for your buck that the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 provides.


  • The asking price is super sweet!
  • A refreshing design that takes a while to get used to, but it grew on us after a while
  • The sound is far better than you would expect at this price
  • It could not be any easier to use


  • I did think it felt a tad “cheap” if you know what I am saying
  • The sound was slightly disappointing as compared to the PowerBass XL-800 when I cranked it all the way up

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Soundbar

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Soundbar

Next up on our quest to find the best amplified marine soundbar is the BRT26A UTV Soundbar by Boss Audio Systems. We have not personally tested this, but the mounting clamps on the soundbar look practical and interesting for use outdoors and on moving vehicles. 

For the PowerBass XL-800 and the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6, we have consistently stressed the need to secure the soundbars to moving vehicles such as golf carts or boats. With the BRT26A UTV Soundbar, we do not have to rack our brains trying to secure it because of its two mounting clamps. Since the mounting clamps are adjustable to fit bars with a width between 1.75” to 2”, the BRT26A is a versatile soundbar.

Looking to attach a speaker to your ATV or UTV? The BRT26A soundbar is also housed in a weatherproof body that will protect your speakers from harsh weather conditions. You can be assured that this soundbar has been quality-checked because it carries the IPX5 rating that certifies it as water-resistant to low-pressure water jets.

Not only is the BRT26A practical, but at a length of 26-inches––similar to the BTB6––the BRT26A also comprises four 4” speakers and two 1” horn-loaded tweeters. With a built-in Class A/B amplifier and at 500 watts, the BRT26A packs a punch with its sound. Priced at $199.99, this soundbar is affordable and its price is comfortably between the price range of the PowerBass XL-800 and the BTB6. 

The BRT26A comes with a wireless remote and it is convenient for users to adjust the settings even while on the move. Since users can connect to the BRT26A wirelessly via Bluetooth, or even through an audio jack or USB, the BRT26A is convenient and accessible for a wide range of devices. 

What Other People Are Saying

At an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this amplified marine soundbar has amazing ratings and high consumer satisfaction. True to itself, most buyers concur that the BRT26A is easy to secure to their vehicles. The BRT26A is compatible with a variety of open vehicles as customers have installed it on golf carts, a Dodge Razor, and a Can-Am Maverick Trail.

Although the BRT26A offers a remote, it appears that many reviewers do not find it useful and have chosen to control the soundbar from their smartphones instead. While reviewers on Amazon have confirmed the practical usage of the BRT26A, some of them also commented that the sound quality is not as loud as they had hoped for. However, bearing in mind that this speaker is under $200, its practical usage and decent sound make it well worth the money. 

Check out this video below filmed by a reviewer who installs and tests the sound quality of the Boss Audio Systems BRT26A.


  • Easily secure to moving vehicles (e.g. UTV, ATV, golf carts, boats)
  • Powerful and clear sound for outdoors use
  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth, audio jack, or USB
  • Value for money


  •  Some reviewers claim it is not as loud as they hoped for

But wait, there is more!

Before we do a conclusion, I want to share a few other things with you guys. Remember the PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar we discussed at the start of this article? I loved that particular amplified marine soundbar and I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to test it out. To my pleasant surprise, it turns out that the XL-800 that I reviewed was just the downscaled version of it. 

If you love the XL-800 and wish it could be even more powerful for a larger outdoor space, you can also purchase two larger more powerful soundbars from the same series! There is the XL-1000 that is priced at $630 and the XL-1200––a monster of a speaker–– that is priced at $750. These are slightly more expensive, but if you want something larger and more powerful, you might want to think about saving up more to acquire one of these ‘upsized’ PowerBass XL soundbars!

What Is The Best Marine Sound Bar for your Boat?

To recap, this article has reviewed three of the best amplified marine soundbars on the market:

  1. PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar
  2. Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System
  3. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Soundbar

Of the three speakers we reviewed, PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Amplified Power Sports Bluetooth Soundbar is the winner hands down. The PowerBass XL-800 is the most impressive, it was well-made, sounds fantastic, and it has all the features you will need for an outdoor soundbar. While I understand that the asking price for the PowerBass XL-800 is quite high, I feel that the Sound Storm Laboratories BTB6 ATV UTV Marine Weatherproof Sound System is also a great alternative for those on tighter budgets.

Granted, the BTB6 is not as powerful or as clear at higher volumes compared to the XL-800. However, I found the sound quality to be pretty damn solid, especially since it is almost $400 cheaper. To decide on what is the right speaker for you, you will have to ask yourself whether the PowerBass XL-800 is worth that extra money for its amazing sound quality. To me, that answer is clear. It is a resounding yes from me! If this has been useful, also do check out the Marine Speakers without Amplifiers and the Kickers Marine Speakers Kit.

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