Best Vintage Speakers Under $300

Our 5 Best Vintage Speakers Under $300 In 2022

Today we are having some fun as we look for the best vintage speakers under $300. We had a great deal of fun looking at the best vintage speakers under $500 and now we are cutting that price by a few hundred bucks as we look at some very cool and stylish speakers that still have an old-school soul, but also a much lower price point. A great set of speakers should sound great, but the point of what we are looking for today is speakers that also have a great deal of personality to their design so that they look cool while they are on display as well.

Vintage Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

One thing I want to mention before we start is that the term “vintage” is pretty darn loose. What I am trying to say here is that what I think is vintage and old-school could be different from what you consider vintage. I think it is best not to get too hung up on the term vintage. Just know, that these have a real style about them and no matter if you think they fit into our “vintage” category or not, you can rest assured that these all look very cool!

The 5 Best Vintage Speakers Under $300 Reviews For 2021

I have handpicked a few vintage speakers under $300 for us to take a look at here, many of which I have had the pleasure to test out myself. I think there is a great mixture here and I have no doubt that one of these is going to offer you just what you have been looking for when it comes to your next set of speakers.

  1. Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speakers
  2. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
  3. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker – Pair
  4. Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker
  5. Audioengine B2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1. Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speakers

First up on our search for the best vintage speakers under $300 we have these epic-looking Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speakers. These are currently priced at $297 so they are very, very close to our limit, but these are actually the most recent speakers I used as I helped a friend of mine set up his new turntable setup. Anyway, what I think makes these “vintage” is that the black design of these and that subtle gold Klipsch logo on the bottom gives these speakers a very 80s style and as a child of the 80s (born in 81, represent!) I find this very cool. These are not wireless which may be a bot of a downer for some people, but those who do not care about Bluetooth will not mind.

I have been reviewing and playing around with speakers for years and Klipsch is one of those companies that I have never had an issue with. Right of the bat, I can tell you that these sound great! The IMG woofers that they have used give these some real powerful bass that rocks nice and loud, but it is the overall clarity that really floored me with these. Even when played at a louder volume, I did not turn my nose up at any kind of distortion that some speakers can have. As you would expect, you will have to break these in to get them at their peak, but that is just an excuse to listen to more music or watch more movies if you ask me!

What Other People Are Saying

I found this pretty neat 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers 2020 video that showcases these speakers (and some others) very well so I highly recommend that you check that out.

10 Best Bookshelf Speakers 2020

As far as customer reviews go on Amazon as of me writing there are just under 200 customer reviews and a very impressive 94 percent of these reviews are for either five or four stars which is awesome.

Music Recommendation

When I look at these, I see the 1980s (a theme that most of these speakers have actually) so that is why I am going for some A-Ha who were huge in the 80s. The album I am recommending though is MTV Unplugged – Summer Solstice which is one of the best and most underrated live albums that you will ever hear. The richness that these speakers provide would make this sound truly epic. Also, whatever happened to the MTV Unplugged specials that they always used to do?

I get that to some people the style of these may be a tad too 80s as they are all black wood. However, I would challenge anyone to listen to something played through these Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speakers and tell me that they do not sound fantastic. I am very impressed with these and while they are at the top end of our price limit, I do feel that they are worth every penny!


  • I love the design
  • The bass these provide is amazing
  • They also provide excellent clarity, even at louder volumes
  • They are made very well


  • That black wood may not be ideal for everyone
  • They are at the top end of our price limit

2. Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Next up we have these Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers which I have spent a great deal of time with thanks to getting a set to test out. To start with these cost $299.99 so they are expensive, but I do think they are worth it. There are two sets available here, one is a cherry wood style and the other is all black, if you have read any of my other reviews, you know black is what I am suggesting. It has a very 80s rock kind of style to it and it is awesome. These do offer Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream directly from your phone and they give you a handy remote as well to control it. You do have your standard hookups on the back and there are even dials bass, treble, and volume. They are a bit awkward as they are on the back, but at least they are there.

Speakers 99/100 need a bit of breaking in to get them at their best. However, even out of the box I would say that these are worthy of their spot on our best vintage speakers under $300 list. These sound amazing and as I “accidentally” moved the volume dial on the back nearly all the way up as I was setting them up, I can say that even at louder volumes these are nice and clear. The woofer and tweeter combination that Edifier has gone for here is quite clever as you get that loud and punchy sound, but you also get very nice clarity on vocals too which gives you the best of both worlds. I wish I actually had these a bit longer to test out as I am sure the sound would have been even better after a few weeks of consistent use!

What Other People Are Saying

Edifier R2000DB | Review | Best Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker?

While this video review is for the cherry versions of these speakers, you can still get a good idea of the size and style that these are offering you. The guy unboxes them so you can see exactly what you are getting for your 300 bucks. I was happy to see that these were quite popular on Amazon. As of me writing this, there are over 2500 reviews and 90 percent of these are glowingly positive which is always nice to see.

Music Recommendation

While I am more likely to fire up Appetite for Destruction or Use Your Illusion I and II than this Guns n Roses: Greatest Hits album. I still think this is the best Guns n Roses album to recommend to people as it has all their hits. The fact that the CD version of this is only around 10 bucks means there is no excuse not to have this in your music collection. Hell, even at just under 40 bucks the 2-disc vinyl set is great. But, if you ask me if you are going down the GnR vinyl route, get the actual albums rather than this greatest hits one.

Apart from the fact that these Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are just a penny under our 300 bucks price limit, I really do not have any complaints about these what so ever. I love the angled design of them and they feel super solid too so they are incredibly well made. As cool as they look though, it is the sound that leaves a real lasting impression as these things well and truly rock!


  • They come in two different styles
  • As well as Bluetooth, you have physical hookups
  • It comes with a handy little remote control
  • No matter your musical tastes, everything sounds great through these


  • The dials on the back may be hard to reach depending on where you have these
  • They pretty much are 300 bucks!

3. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker – Pair

If you have browsed the site, you know that more often than not any speaker guide will have Sony on it and that rings true for this best vintage speakers under $300 list. Ok, so these Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker – Pair do cost just over our 300 bucks limit, but I felt that they were well worth putting on the list. Big black speakers were part of my dream hi-fi setup when I was a kid and that remains true to this day. These are very cool looking and the kind of thing I would have gawked at in an electronics store. These speakers are nice and tall so you will have to make sure that you have the space for them, one design feature that I really think finishes these off perfectly is the base that they stand on. They are wired only, so no Bluetooth on offer here.

Sony always makes great stereo equipment and these are awesome. With two tweeters and a woofer that kicks some serious ass, you are getting some excellent sound out of these. I will say that while the sound clarity and quality is good, I do think that they are not all that more powerful than the two bookshelf speakers we just looked at. Still, the sound quality is solid and at the end of the day, not everyone is like me and will blast their music super loud…. When the wife is out of the house of course. I think that these have a solid sound and that they could be what you are looking for if tower speakers are more your kind of thing than bookshelf speakers.  

What Other People Are Saying

I found a pretty neat video review that shows these off and gives you more of an idea about what you are getting for your money.

Sony BEST Tower Speakers SS-CS3 Affordable

You also can see just how large these things are too. As far as customer reviews on Amazon go, there are currently 187 reviews for these listed on Amazon and 92 percent of them are positive which is quite impressive.

Music Recommendation

I do not care what kind of music you are into, you need to have Thriller by Michael Jackson in your collection. No matter if it is the CD or vinyl, this album is a must have. It is an all time classic and features Billy Jean, Beat It, and Thriller which are three of Michael Jackson’s biggest and best hits. These kind of tall speakers are just the kind I could imagine MJ rocking at his place, Neverland Ranch back in the 80s.

I am a massive fan of the majority of stuff that Sony does and at the price point we are looking at today I feel that these Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speakers are the most suitable for what we are looking for, even though they are about 20 bucks more. They sound good and they have a very impressive stature to them that makes them ideal if you want speakers that do not just sound good, but are also great for display too.


  • They have that signature Sony look
  • I like how tall and imposing they are
  • The sound is very solid
  • They have a very high-quality look and feel to them


  • They do cost a little over 300 bucks
  • Even though they are much larger, they are not more powerful than the previous two

4. Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker

While I have not had the pleasure to use the Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker, I have used some of the other variations that Marshall has out there. I knew this was ideal for our best vintage speakers under $300 list as this currently goes for around 200 bucks. It is tiny and it has a classic style to it and it is the kind of thing you could imagine Richie Sambora having one foot on as he is slaying on the guitar. There is a white and black version of this out there and it is awesome if you want a more showcase speaker. On the top, you have controls for the volume, bass, and treble and these are really cool as they are done in a way that makes them look more like they are a decorative pieces on the speaker. If you have Alexa, then this does offer voice control which is cool.

This is a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth speaker only! There are no physical inputs on this thing at all which I am sure will turn many people off. It does work with the fantastic Marshall app which I have used before and never had a problem with. The other Marshall speakers I have used sounded great and I see no reason as to why this one would be any different. Even without tinkering with the bass and treble, I am pretty sure this will give you a nice and rich sound right out of the box. Marshall has made this to fill a room with sound and after reading about the components that make this up, I have no doubts that this is what this speaker will offer you.

What Other People Are Saying

There are only 135 customer reviews for this on Amazon as I write this. However, the majority of these are for four and five stars so for the most part, people who have this are very happy with their purchase. I found this very solid video review that gives you an idea of what you can expect from the sound. It also shows you just how compact and stylish this little thing is too.

Marshall Uxbridge Speaker Review – Acton Woburn Comparison

Music Recommendation

I was going to go for some Bon Jovi, but I always pick Bon Jovi so this time I am going for Stranger In This Town by Richie Sambora. I remember getting this on cassette back in the early 90s and I loved it. This is such an underrated album and it makes me wish that Richie Sambora was not as lazy as he was and had his crap together more as I think he could have made way more solo albums than he actually did!

If you want something that is small and also has a very cool sense of style, you cannot go wrong with this Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker. I love the design of this as it looks like something that would be on a stage. From the other speakers in this style that I have played around with, I am sure it packs way more of a punch than its small size suggests. It is Bluetooth only, but if you only stream music from your phone that would be ideal anyway.


  • I love the way that this thing looks
  • It takes up very little space
  • I like the treble and bass controls on the top
  • It is going to cost you way under 300 bucks


  • It has no physical connections at all
  • Some might not like how small this is

5. Audioengine B2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

At around the 200 bucks mark, I do think that this Audioengine B2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is fantastic value for money. There are two versions of this, but I think that the black version best suits our best vintage speakers under $300 list we are working on today. I actually had to think really hard about this one. I think it walks the fine line of being vintage looking, but also rather contemporary too. This is a nice and compact speaker, so perfect if you want to move it around the house. While it does have Bluetooth and that is the main selling point. I am happy to report that this does also have an AUX port as well so you can connect things directly to it if you wish. The speaker grille is easily removable and they even give you a little bag to keep it in.

While I have not got my hands on this to test it out personally. It was all of the things I read about it that made me want to include it here today. Even though this is small (it’s like 3 inches tall and under 8 inches wide) Audioengine know what they are doing and they have packed as much power in here as they possibly could. It is expertly crafted and is going to give you kick-ass stereo sound and also a fair bit of bass too. At this size, you have to be realistic about the kind of sound you are going to get from this, but I think if you are, you will more than likely be very happy with the sound. Just do not expect this to be loud enough to provide the music for a pool party!  

What Other People Are Saying

This video overview is for the wooden looking version of this, but it still gives you a great idea of what this is all about. You get a good look at the form factor as well as a better understanding of what kind of sound you can expect from it.

Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker – Overview

At our friends Amazon, there are currently 233 customer reviews for this listed. The reception to it is a tad on the mixed side with 76 percent of the reviews being positive. Most of the complaints that I saw were from people not being impressed with the sound not being powerful enough.

Music Recommendation

For this music recommendation, I am going for Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. It is based on the movie and this was their second album. Their first album gets all the love, but I do think I prefer this one just a tad over it. It has some fantastic hard rocking tunes that will make you smile while you are banging your head. A great 1-2 punch is watching the movie one night and then rocking this album the next day.

If you are looking for a speaker that is small and cool looking then this Audioengine B2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ticks those boxes. I love the design of this and think if you want a speaker that you are not needing to be blasting so loud you keep the neighbors up, you will be very happy with the sound this provides you. Just know going in that this is not the kind of speaker you get if you want the whole house filled with music, this is more of a “personal” kind of speaker.


  • It certainly looks very cool!
  • I like that it comes with a few handy extras
  • There are two colors available
  • It is way under our $300 price point


  • The sound is not going to rock your socks off
  • It may not be vintage looking enough for some people

What Are The Best Vintage Speakers Under $300?

I was just about to say that this is a very easy decision today, but I am kind of copping out as I am really torn between the Klipsch Synergy Black Label B-200 Bookshelf Speakers and the Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. Both of these offer exactly what I want in a set of speakers. They both look cool and they sound fantastic and truth be told, you cannot go wrong with either of these. I think though, that I do have to give a slight nod to the Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers as they do offer Bluetooth connectivity. Still, when it comes to the best vintage speakers under $300, either one of those could take the crown!

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