Samsung HW-A650 vs HW-T650 which is a better choice?

Do you want a theater-like experience at home? If so, then Samsung HW-A650 and HW-T650 are the ideal choices for you.

Both devices are quite similar, but they have some different features. However, it’s not easy to choose between these two similar devices.

To make the decision easier, we will compare and contrast both devices in terms of design, features, and quality.

In short, The HW-A650 comes with better build quality and better surround performance. On the other hand, the HW-T650 is a bit louder and has a better soundstage performance. 

Yet, there’s a lot more to cover, so keep reading…

Samsung HW-A650 Vs. HW-T650 Soundbars

Samsung is a popular company that has been in the business of manufacturing televisions for quite some time. 

Earlier, they were just known for making televisions, but now they also design and manufacture soundbars.

HW-A650 and HW-T650 are slightly different, so let’s find out which one is better!

Overall Usage

There’s no significant difference between these two devices regarding overall usage.

The Samsung HW-A650 & HW-T650 both are adequate for most types of usage. 

Out-of-the-box, soundbars have a generally balanced sound profile, which is suitable for listening to any type of content.

Plus, they come with many different sound enhancement features.

These devices are optimized for any type of video content, including:

  • Games
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • TV/Shows
  • Music

Watch your favorite sport, movie, or play a game. Enjoy a totally immersive experience, and this way, you can get the most out of your show.

Both soundbars feature Dolby & DTS Virtual:X, which give your living room a theater-like experience. 

Plus, the balanced mid-range and center channel produce a clear and accurate dialogue experience.

The Verdict: Both Soundbars are flawless and optimized for any type of media content. The dedicated center channel and balanced mid-range produce a clear and accurate dialogue experience. 

However, HW-A650 comes with Adaptive Lite technology, which automatically optimizes the sound of movies, games, and music. The Adaptive Lite technology enhances the user experience to the next level!

Ultimately, A650 provides an even better audio experience, so It’s is the winner!


Bar Design

Both devices come with a similar design. The device is made of plastic, but the top and front are protected with a metal grille.

A metal grille covers the channels and display-screen in the front. It comes with four control buttons on the top back.

The Backside of Bar

Both devices contain two openings for power cable and inputs. However, You can mount the device to the wall with the universal mounting holes on the underside.


The subwoofer is made from wood and is covered in a thin fabric. It’s also got a speaker on one side and the port on the back.

Back of Subwoofer

The back of the unit has a plastic port for connecting. There is also a power connection and a pairing button.


The Samsung HW-A650 & HW-T650 don’t come with any satellite speakers. However, it is compatible with the Samsung Wireless Surround Kit, so that you can buy them separately.

Sound Bar Dimensions

Both devices come up with almost the same size, but there is a slight difference.

Here are the dimensions of HW-A650:

  • 38.6 inches width
  • 2.3 inches height
  • 4.1 inches depth


HW-T650 comes up with:

  • 38.5 inches width (a bit smaller)
  • 2.2 inches height
  • 3.5 inches depth


Subwoofer Dimension


  • 8 inches width
  • 13.9 inches height
  • 11.9 inches depth


HWT650 has overall the same size; however, it comes in a width of 8.1″.

The subwoofer features a wireless connection which means you can place it anywhere in the room. It is about the size of an average desktop PC.

The Verdict: Samsung HW-A650 and HW-T650 both come with a similar design. There is just one little difference in a subwoofer: the HW-T650 has a speaker on the left-hand side while the other has a speaker in front.

Some people prefer a speaker on the left side of the subwoofer, while others prefer a speaker in front. Whichever you choose, both Samsung HW-A650 and HW-T650 come with incredible sound quality.

Build Quality

The Samsung HW-A650 comes with impressive build quality. The sound bar’s front and top are covered with a metal grille, making it look impressive. Also, the grill helps to protect the drivers.

The rest of the bar is made of plastic, which is quite solid and durable. The subwoofer is made from wood. However, the fabric cover seems to get dirty easily.

HW-T650 also has an excellent build quality. The bar is made of plastic, with a metal grill just on the front. HW-T650 doesn’t have a metal grill on top. The sub is made out of wood and covered in soft fabric.

The Verdict: The build quality of the Samsung HW-A650 is better than Samsung HW-T650. Also, it looks unique as it comes with a stylish grill on top and is more durable.

Additional Features


Both devices have a small screen behind the metal grille, which indicates the volume level and current input. There’s only an approximate four-character display on the screen, so you may need to wait before it scrolls through longer words.

HW-T650 has the screen on the left, while HW-A650 has the right side.

Bar Controls

At the top of the bar, there are four buttons that do different things. They are power, volume, and input source button.


There is no universal remote with both devices. However, The remote is easy to use and can control all the bar settings.

The Final Verdict

We have reviewed both of these Samsung soundbars, HW-A650 and HWT650. They both have a similar design and shape, but the HW-A650 comes with adaptive lite technology, which automatically adjusts the sound quality for various content. 

So we consider HW-A650 as a winner! But, what do you think about these two soundbars? Which one are you going to buy? Samsung HW-A650 or Samsung HW-T650? Let us know in the comments! 

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