Sony HT-Z9F vs HT-ST5000 Which Is A Better Choice?

Your entertainment is incomplete without a soundbar, but when it comes to Sony HT-Z9F and Sony HT-ST5000: which one should you buy? Both are premium options. But if there are two good choices from the same company, picking one is nearly impossible. That’s the case right now.  

Sony is a giant in the Home Audio Sound Bars industry as it makes sturdy soundbars that excel in dialogue reproduction. These very features make it stand out from its competitors.

HT-Z9F and HT-ST5000 are two models from Sony with different names and attributes. But what exactly sets them apart? And which would be best for your TV or home theatre? Let’s find out together!

The Detailed Comparison between HT-Z9F and HT-ST5000

1. Features

Sony HT-Z9F:

Equipped with the latest sound surround technology, it lets you enjoy realistic audio and feels like you are sitting in a cinema. All thanks to the latest audio formats: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The model features a separate subwoofer for the bass, and the results are astonishing.

You can choose from seven different sound modes. With Cinema Mode, you can enjoy the perfect action and the thrill. While News Mode will let you hear dialogues distinctly. Similarly, Game Studio Mode and Sports Mode enhance the experience accordingly.

The Spotify connection functionality is excellent as you won’t have to log in to your Spotify account on TV. Simply your smartphone and soundbar should be on the same Wi-Fi connection, and you’re all good to go!   

Sony HT-ST5000:

This 7.1.2-channel soundbar has an S-master HX amplifier to clear all the distorted noises. This plug-in not only supports high-resolution audio but also enhances the quality of low-resolution audio. It is a great tool for upscaling low-resolution audio.

First developed in 2017, it is still Sony’s top soundbar due to the premium sound quality it offers. It was the first bar to feature Dolby Atmos and is still considered superior to the recently released models of Sony soundbars.

Moreover, it has many connectivity options that aren’t very common in soundbars. There are many USB and HDMI ports for easy integration.  

2. Performance

Sony HT-Z9F:

The bar presents three front speakers that create a vertical sound system. You will feel like the sound is coming from all over the room. The center channel’s performance particularly results in a clearer voice––releasing from the center to you and overall room.

Convert any audio to immersive sound with your remote or simply ask Alexa to do that. It will significantly increase volume compared to the voice from the TV alone. Further, the sound quality is visibly different and significantly improved.

Sony HT-Z9F has three tiny speakers that do the magic with the wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer comes in a large box and does a great job with sub-bass frequencies. However, you won’t have that “wow” feeling until wireless rear speakers are attached. They aren’t included in the package, though, and need to be bought separately.

Sony HT-ST5000:

This 7.1.2-channel bar doesn’t need any rear speakers. It includes way more channels than Sony HT-Z9F, and the result is accurate dialogue reproduction and clear sound.

It supports Chromecast built-in that lets you use selective apps on your cell and TV simultaneously. Its comprehensive features can support a strong voice, something you can’t expect from tiny speakers like the Sony HT-Z9F.

3. Design

Sony HT-Z9F:

The Sony HT-Z9F isn’t hefty as the bar and subwoofer weighs 23.8 pounds––much lesser than the HT-ST5000. Its overall appearance is not something you can consider stylish. But it still has grace which is a trademark of Sony products.

Sub and rear speakers will be connected wirelessly to your TV, and you simply have to plug them into an outlet. The whole set-up is super clean, requiring no complicated installation. This model occupies comparatively less space.

Sony HT-ST5000:

The soundbar looks sleek and fancy. It is shaped like a large metal grill. The subwoofer, on the other hand, is wide and square and will blend in seamlessly with your room. However, you’ll have to endure the weight of high-quality drivers, as both gadgets weigh around 51.1 pounds.

Due to the size of the soundbar, you may have difficulty finding a proper place to put it. It should ideally sit in the legs of your TV, and it won’t block your screen until your TV is placed directly on the table.  

4. Price

Sony HT-Z9F:

For a superior audio experience, you’ll need to shell out quite a bit of cash. However, the results are worth the price. It will cost $898 to upgrade your experience of listening to songs, watching movies, or playing video games.

The package includes a remote, batteries, wall mount brackets, HDMI cable, screws, and manual.

Sony HT-ST5000:

While the Sony HT-ST500 is relatively cheap, it still yields the hallmark quality of Sony. Even then, it is more expensive than economy soundbars at $789.99.

It comes with an HDMI cable, manual, batteries, and a remote which is replaceable to your TV remote as well.

What are the Similarities Between HT-Z9F and HT-ST5000?

Remote Control

Both models operate through a remote that has plenty of buttons on it. HT-ST5000 has a universal remote, and you can control some of its features with your TV remote too. While with the HT-Z9F, you need remotes separately for your bar and TV.

Multi-room Listening

Hear the sound everywhere in your house with their multi-room functioning. You can group-select the song through the Sony Music Center App and enjoy it throughout the house. Both soundbars have this feature.

Dolby Atmos

Both models support Dolby Atmos, which is a recently developed surround sound technology. With this, you are able to hear sounds in a 360-degree bubble. It changes how sound is distributed in the room, making you feel like it is coming from all around rather than front only.

What are the Differences Between HT-Z9F and HT-ST5000?

Amplifier Output

The amplifier output is different in both models, as the Sony HT-Z9F has 300W output while the Sony HT-ST5000 promises 800W.

Built-in Channels

In HT-Z9F, you have 3.1 channels compared to 7.1.2 channels of HT-ST5000. More speakers mean a magnificent audio experience.

Separate Speaker Connections

While HT-Z9F doesn’t have any speaker connections, HT-ST5000 offers a wireless speaker connection.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

1. Which One is Better for Larger Rooms?

For larger rooms and noisy areas, Sony HT-Z9F performs well as it won’t distort even at max volume. Additionally, it will work great as your party projector as it doesn’t make any thumping sounds.

2. Which Option is Cheaper?

Though at $789.99, we can’t call Sony HT-ST5000 as cheap. But still, it’s less than the Sony HT-Z9F price, which is $898. So, it’s clear that Sony HT-ST5000 is cheaper than Sony HT-Z9F.

3. Which One has More Bass and Bigger Sound?

Sony HT-ST5000 being the larger soundbar has more driving channels and hence offers bigger sound. Coupled with the mighty subwoofer, it produces a solid bass.

The Verdict

Both models are well-designed and deliver what they are supposed to. However, each has its own pros and cons.  

Sony HT-Z9F throws a crispier, clearer, and louder voice that would never be murkier or hazy, but it’s a bit pricey. You have to purchase the soundbar and speakers separately, making it even more expensive. You might consider installing a traditional surround sound system instead.

On the other hand, HT-ST5000 is great due to the many speaker drivers and ultimate bass frequencies. But the surround sound performance of the Sony isn’t compelling, and the sounds at higher volumes are audibly twisted.

Go for the HT-ST5000 only if you prefer bass over every other feature. Otherwise, the Sony HT-Z9F is winning the game here. The sound quality and clarity are convincing and worth the money. The surround sound quality is almost theatre-like with the Sony HT-Z9F.

So, what are you going with?

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