Edifier R2000DB vs Logitech Z623 Which Is A Better Choice?

Loudspeakers are the devices that convert electrical energy to sound energy. They are devices which are often used as public address system and are found almost everywhere be it in our cars, houses etc.

Speakers are the key to obtaining the main audio experience from our music players but since there are so many types of speakers, it could be so difficult to know which one produces the best sound to suit your need. A good speaker will amplify music the way it is meant to sound without any alteration.

The joy of an individual is to get a good, durable and a long lasting product as the case may be, would you rather go for any kind of speaker? I know your answer is NO.  This article is here to enlighten you on the kind of speaker which produces a more audible and quality sound.  

Today, it is going to be a tug of war as we will be comparing two audio amplifying systems which are Edifier R2000DB and Logitech Z623, since they are both not made by the same company, it will be so easy to deduce the differences between the two amplifying systems in terms of price, the features and the one that produces a better sound as the quality of one will be much better than the other.

To get a speaker for our homes is not something meticulous but getting the right and quality sound producing speaker is the main point. The reason being that there are so many different types of speaker in the market with different sound quality.

Alright, let us dive into action as we will be comparing the two kinds of loudspeakers.


In purchasing an item, price is always the first thing to be considered as to know how much you are going to spend on buying the item. A budget is needed to be drawn to know the amount you are spending on the item.

Logitech Z623:

For Logitech Z623, the maximum amount you can get for this product is around $140- $200 and with this amount, the sound quality is still mind blowing. If one is trying to be economical, he or she can go for this kind of speakers. The price of this sound bar is just halfway the price of the opponent’s one today.   

Edifier R2000DB:

The Edifier R2000DB is priced at $250, and most people will agree that the price is a bit on the high side as one could easily get a speaker with good quality for a much lesser price, but notwithstanding, the product is okay for people who do not mind spending that extra cash for a good product. In  many cases as most people have found out, the higher the price of a product, the better the quality will most likely be and this is true for this product as its features tell us a lot about its quality.

The verdict: Well, the Logitech Z623 speaker is more affordable and economical compared to the Edifier R2000DB speaker, what’s more – it’s even worth the money. One could save that extra cash or use it for something else like subwoofers or a set of rear speakers.


Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Edifier R2000DB first; it has piano black as the main colour and baking paint on both sides which make it beautiful and attractive, its sleek design is okay for people who like classic appearances.

Beijing Edifier Technology Limited is a Chinese company which produces audio equipment such as speaker, headphones which are used for home and for personal use became the first to manufacture 2.1 and 4.1 speakers with wooden enclosure in China. The company has succeeded in producing quality devices for amplifying sound since it was founded in the year 1996; one of their products is the Edifier R2000DB, so it’s good news for people who prefer wooden products over plastic ones, the Edifier R2000DB is suitable for home design. It’s carefully crafted in such a way that it can withstand the vibrations without falling off.

The Logitech Z623 also has a sleek design which is different from that of the other speaker, but its design is nothing special, as it functions more than it forms. The two sub woofers are rounded at the top, curved at the back and slightly facing upwards which is such a standard positioning for smaller speakers that won’t sit level with one’s head. Its colour is black with no additional colour. The woofer is made of plastic and the sub woofers are made of wood.

The verdict: Appearances play an important part in people’s choice between two or more products. The design of Edifier R2000DB seems to be classier and more attractive than that of the other speaker, which is a better choice for people who like incorporating design into their homes.


The Edifier R2000DB: 

The world has transformed from using wired connection to wireless network connection with an audio output channel of 2.0. This speaker has been able to move with the trend by making use of a wireless connection. The company had stepped up their game by producing a speaker like this which is both wired and has Bluetooth which makes it easier to connect your phone or any other Bluetooth supported devices to the speaker even if the connection wire is faulty.

It has a remote control which is basically used for edifying sound produced by the speaker.  

It also uses a 2-way driver unit and the size of the tweeter and mid-low frequency is 25mm and 5.25 inches.

The Logitech Z623: 

It is a wired speaker with two satellites with integrated controls which allow you to adjust the volume, bass and treble at the front of the satellite while the headphone jack and auxiliary jack is located at the left side of the satellite. It has an audio output channel of 2.1; this provides a crisp sound and thunderous bass while using it. It also has a convenient RCA and 3.5mm inputs for music, movies and gaming devices.

The Verdict: Imagine you only have a wired speaker and you are so engrossed with listening to music then you notice that the cable to connect your speaker is faulty, automatically, the plan for that has been ruined already, so Edifier R2000DB has helped to solve that problem. Isn’t this cool to have in our homes?  


RMS RATED POWER  120.0W 200.0W

The Verdict

It has really been a tough comparison between the two sound bars as they both serve the purpose they were built for, they are both good speakers, but during the course of the comparison, we could deduce that the Edifier R2000DB is better compared to the Logitech Z623. Even though the price of the Edifier R2000DB is on the high side, it is still more than worth the money. We could keep on talking about the Bluetooth feature, bass quality, and sleek design and so on.

Well, you could take a moment and decide whether those extra bucks are worth spending on the Edifier R2000DB.

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