Focal Alpha 65 vs Yamaha HS7 which is a better choice?

Sound systems are the edifying devices that help to amplify sound. In other to build a professional music environment, one of the essential things to get is quality sound devices that will help you amplify your sound to your taste. In a home, it is so important to get quality as we cannot live without having them.

If you want to establish an audiophile-approved home music system, the greatest stereo speakers are important and necessary. There are two kinds of speakers according to their mode of connectivity; we have wired and wireless kinds of speakers but genuine stereo sound for totally engaging movies, music, and concert experience will always be on-demand.

If you are a casual music listener who do not sit for a long period of time to appreciate the sound coming out from a speaker, then a set of high-quality speakers is then recommended for you. This will make you have a better listening experience.

That isn’t to say that quality and amazing sound should be the goal of only a handful of us. It does not matter whether you are a sound engineer or a casual listener, I believe what we all want is to have cool, clear, and most importantly authentic sounds which are pleasing to the ear and audible enough for the audience. You would agree with me that quality sound from a good sound system helps to sharpen our listening experience.

Today we shall be making our comparison between two speakers that are competitively making their heads out in the market. Due to their competitive nature, people get confused about what to go for. Our comparison is going to be centered on Focal Alpha 65 and Yamaha HS7. Since these two speakers are not made by one company, it is going to be easy for us to deduce the difference between the two in terms of price, design, performance, components, and sound quality.

Both brands have made their head through as they are both big and renowned brands in producing quality speakers but in the course of comparing the two speakers, we will get to find out the one that produces a better quality of sound and suit our desires.

Are you confused about the kind of speaker that will give you the kind of sound you have always wanted? Read through this article and at the end you would make a better choice.


It is always necessary to check our pocket or our budget before going ahead to make a choice of the product we want to purchase. It is the total spells out how much we are sacrificing to buy a particular product. In this section, the price of the two speakers will be made known to us.

According to the price of these two products in the market, Focus Alpha 65 is sold for $399 while Yamaha HS7 is priced for $659.

The Verdict: 

After making the comparison in term of price between these two brands of the speaker, we could deduce that the price of the Yamaha HS7 is on the high side and make a difference of about $260. In the course of study other specifications of these two speakers, we will be made known whether the extra buck is worth letting go for buying Yamaha HS7 you can buy the Focal Alpha 65 speaker and thereby use the extra buck in purchasing another set of speakers or rather save the money for other rising need.  


Design is the structural view of a product. In choosing a product to purchase, the design of the product is always necessary. The design renders products marketable.

Focal Alpha 65:

The Focal Alpha 65 speaker company has stepped up its game by producing aluminum tweeters and a 16.5cm woofer which has greatly helped in the dispersion of sound. It was forced to outsource production to China in order to reduce cost and make the speaker affordable. However, leaving the grey MDF cabinet naked which is against their style. They then added hard panels by the side of the cabinet which in turn improves the aesthetics of the speaker. This speaker has a nice touch and this makes it look attractive. Concerning the body shape and weight, it is small and light but it is heavier than expected.

Yamaha HS7: 

Yamaha’s design is highly subjective, it is clean and sophisticated. There are two ranges of this speaker due to the design and appearance, which are white and black. The contrast between the black and white woofers is appealing and distinct.  A white version of the range provides additional versatility as it is an excellent choice for complementing clean white studio furniture.

The housing or casing of the speaker has a low resonance, which contributes to the excellent sound quality provided by these monitors.

The Verdict: 

The two speakers have good designs but Yamaha HS7 has a better look like the white-colored speaker light up the house and studio as it makes the space occupied look beautiful. It also makes the speaker noticeable wherever it is being placed.

The weight of a product also matters in the choice of getting a speaker. Instead of going for a heavy speaker which may take a whole lot of effort to transport, you can actually go for a light one which will be easy to carry from one place to another. So with this, Focal Alpha 65 is a disadvantage as it is heavier compared to Yamaha HS7


Focal Alpha 65:

The Focal Alpha 65 speaker produces a clean and deep sound that brings out the beauty of a sound. This is so because of the aluminum inverted dome tweeter. It only has one dome tweeter and notwithstanding it still produces quality sounds.

 Not all bedroom producers or home recording artists have access to optimize room acoustics, this speaker helps to provide the room with an exceptionally well-treated acoustic room. The Focal Alpha 65 monitors have a lot of audio power; turning the studio monitor controller knob reveals that the monitors react quickly to loud audio.

The tweeter diameter of this speaker is 25.0mm which makes it deliver a high frequency of sound to a wide range of space, without necessarily turning it to the highest volume.  In addition to that, it also has a woofer diameter of 165.0mm.

Yamaha HS7:

The sound produced by Yamaha HS7 is so exceptional. The clarity of the overall sound can be greatly influenced by the design of the speaker port. Yamaha’s engineers are able to control and reduce the vortex by using noise reduction technology that includes an analysis of a visual representation of the sound. Yamaha has developed a port design that reduces noise by up to 6db as a result of this analysis.  

The tweeter diameter of the Yamaha HS7 speaker is 25.1mm. With this, they tend to produce a high frequency of sound and deliver it to a wider range of space. Its woofer’s diameter is 165.1mm.

The Verdict: 

They both produce great and quality sound but Yamaha HS7 produces clearer and high-quality sound to a vast area of space without it being turned to the highest volume. This is so because it has a wider tweeter diameter than the opposite speaker.


It has really been a tide between these two speakers, They both are fit to be considered because they are fit into producing a quality sound which is pleasing to the ear, but in the course of comparing them, there are some features exhibited by one which is not in the other.

In the part of the price of the product, Yamaha HS7 is on the high side which may not be easy for people to drop that amount of bucks to purchase a speaker, they would rather go for the lesser one and thereby keep the extra bucks or even buy another pair of speaker.

As it was discussed in the design section, the Focal Alpha 65 is heavier than Yamaha HS7. This is a disadvantage on the part of The Alpha as people prefer a portable and light product. It also gained credit for the production of two kinds of designs which are white and black. The design renders this product marketable as it is always noticed when it is being placed.

As a sound engineer, the price of a speaker is not always taken into consideration as what matters most is the quality of sound coming out of the speaker. How well a speaker can give out a cool and pleasing sound.

According to the result of the comparison between the two speakers, we could deduce that Yamaha HS7 is a better choice, but if one cannot afford the price of the speaker, Focal Alpha 65 is also a good choice of speaker.

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