Jamo S805 vs S807 which is a better choice?

One may try to ask, what is the secret behind having a good sound experience? Well, it is quite simple, it is through listening to sounds from a good and quality speaker. Speakers are devices that help to transmit information in form of audio. Generally, they transmit sound but they range with the quality of sound produce. There are thousands of speakers made by different companies or brands but the thing that brings out the uniqueness of them is the quality of sound they all produce.

Have you ever been to a speaker shop or mart where different kinds of speakers and soundbars are sold in a large quality? and you are confused about the kind of speakers to fill your space, read through this article as is promising to open our eyes to so many things to take note of while making our choice of speaker In choosing a speaker, there are so many things to know before stretching out your hand to purchase one for yourself. As we all know the desire of everyone in buying a speaker is to get a better listening experience from it as no one wants an “anyhow” speaker which will end up producing a low quality of sound.

Today, it is going to be a war between speakers from the same brand; this comparison is going to be between two speakers who are regarded as competitive demand in the market: The Jamo s805 and Jamo s807 speaker. As their name implies, they are both produced from the same company, so in case, the comparison between them is going to be easy. But in case you are confused about the one to purchase, follow through with the article.


Jamo, based in Glyngre, Denmark, creates, manufactures, and distributes a variety of high-quality speakers, electronics, control systems, and accessories for the retail and residential contracting industries.

Jamo was established in 1968 with a focus on cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian design. Through their uniqueness in their speaker sound quality and design, the Jamo brand is already well-known, and its products are sold in over 80 countries. Jamo’s goal is to develop innovative solutions that make a difference. Klipsch Audio, Inc. has a completely owned subsidiary called Jamo International Aps.


Knowing the price of a product is very essential in choosing the right speaker for filling up space. The price is the monetary value of a product. In making a choice of a speaker, one needs to consider the price you have at hand. It is being said that the higher the price, the quality of the product.

The Jamo S805 is priced at $199.00 while the Jamo S807 is priced at $279.00.

The Verdict:

Due to the price tags given to these speakers, we were able to make our comparison in terms of the monetary value of the two speakers. We could deduce that the price of the Jamo S807 speaker is on the high side. As they are both made by the same company, it is believed that the price difference between these two speakers must have been because of some specific features present in S807 but not in S805.


One of those things that attract a buyer to a product is how well the product is being built. The dream of everyone is to have a kind of perfect touch of devices in terms of color and body design. So the design of a product is the structural or bodily view of a product. In this section, we will be looking at the two speakers in terms of their structural view and be able to pick out the most attractive and perfectly built.

Jamo S805:

The Jamo s805 is a very attractive speaker with extraordinary design quality. It is made of one tweeter and one driver and the finish is so spectacular. Grilles are supplied with hidden magnets that connect to the front of the cabinet; however, it seems a shame to hide the baffle in this situation. They came in form of white, black, and walnut. They are built in such a way that they can occupy a small space. It weighs up to 8.7kg and the length is 787mm

Finally, each floor stander comes with a sub-flush trim panel that matches the Wave Guide color, as well as four silver outrigger feet that must be installed before usage. These offer a final flourish to the design while also increasing the footprint for better stability.

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Jamo S807:

Jamo S807 is a speaker with an attractive look. It came in form of white, black, and walnut.  It is made up of two drivers and one tweeter. For a clean, simple front baffle design, fully magnetic grilles with no mounting support or push pins are used. The weight of the speaker is 11.8kg and the length is 915mm

Large woven pattern linen grilles in two distinct hues which have heather grey with white models, and charcoal gray with black or walnut finishes add aesthetic intrigue and heavy texture. Also, the wood grain elements on the tweeters, bases, and feet give the speakers a handcrafted, natural appearance.

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The Verdict:

The two speakers have the same structural design but in the course of comparing them together, we could deduce that Jamo S805 is less weighty compared to the opponent. People tend to go for the less weighty speakers, but in this case, it is believed that the driver and the length of the Jamo S807 speaker make it heavier than Jamo s805.


How well a speaker is regarded is how far it sounds. The main reason why a sound engineer or a casual listener opts out to buy a speaker is always to get a good and quality speaker. Everyone always dreams of listening to sounds from good speakers which will in turn sharpen their listening quality. In this section, we will be making our comparison between these two speakers in terms of the sound they produce.

Jamo S805:

in a small to medium-size space, the Jamo S805 creates surround sound. It has a power handle of 80watts/160watts which helps to give the average supply of power to the speaker. The crossover frequency of 2kHz and the frequency response of 49Hz to 26kHz helps to give a well-amplified sound to the audience and helps to reveal how well it reproduces the complete frequency range from a very low frequency to high.

The high frequency helps to produce clean and quality sound. It also has a bass reflex port which enhances the bass sound and amplifies sound waves with low frequencies. The speaker possesses a 25mm dome tweeter and 125mm aluminum poly-fiber woofer which gives out clean and quality sound. it also has the impedance of which serves as the electric signal of 8 Ohms.

Jamo S807:

The Jamo S807 features increased low-midrange and treble, effectively lowering the dialogue frequency range by 3-5dB compared to the remainder of the frequency spectrum. It has a dome tweeter and two aluminum drivers producing clean and quality sounds. It also has a bass reflex port which helps to enhance the bass and to amplify sound waves with low frequencies. It has a frequency crossover of 2kHz and the frequency response of this speaker is 42Hz to 26kHz which helps to reveal how well it reproduces the complete frequency range from a very low frequency to high. It has a sensitivity of 90dB and a power handle of 100watts/200watts, this helps to give the average supply of power to the speaker for an extended period of time. It also has an impedance of 8 Ohms.

The Verdict:

Although the two speakers in question both produce good and clear sound as they both have some similar features but because they are built by the same company and has different price, definitely it will be expected that one produce a clearer sound than the other.

As it is widely known that the sensitivity of the speaker indicates how loud a speaker will be and one of the qualities of a speaker is to be audible enough for people to hear.in our comparison is we could deduce that the sensitivity of Jamo S807 is higher than that of Jamo S805. Therefore, Jamo s807 is louder than the opponent speaker.


It has really been rifts between these two speakers as they are both qualified to be considered as a choice when making lists of the speaker to bless our home with. Economically, one may tend to go for s805 but we could really tell that the s807 is quite better in terms of design and sound it produces.

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