Samsung A450 vs A550 vs A650 which is a better choice?

Are you looking to build the best home theatre under a reasonable budget but not sure which soundbar to choose in terms of quality, functionality, and design? If that’s your concern, take a deep breath and relax because you’ve come to the right place.

We realize that selecting the right speaker for your sound system is difficult and time-consuming, especially when the same manufacturer provides different models. However, we also recognize that choosing a pair of speakers only based on their higher star rating is a risky task.

So by keeping all these difficulties in mind, we have made this head-scratching task easy for you by comparing and reviewing the three models of Samsung soundbars. These are low-cost solutions that will enhance your home theatre experience.

To stop yourself from wasting hundreds of dollars on a product that doesn’t meet your demands, read this article till the end and find out which one is the best soundbar for you to buy.

The Detailed Comparison between these 3 speakers

  1. Features

Samsung A450:

The Samsung A450 comes with wireless subwoofer integration so that you can listen to deep bass right away. The 2.1 built-in channels can be installed wirelessly anywhere within the soundbar’s range. Moreover, with a capacity of 300W total output, it is perfect for a small home theatre that makes you feel like sitting in a cinema.

When it comes to connectivity ports, it has only HDMI and optical digital audio ports. Still, yes, you can also connect it with gaming consoles as it supports gaming mode for an unforgettable gaming experience.

If you want to change settings while sitting or lying down on your couch, the Samsung A450 got you covered with an iconic control remote that allows you to operate the entire system without leaving your comfort zone.

Samsung A550:

The Samsung A550 supports DTS:X simulated 3D sound with bass boost technology, delivering your home theatre a powerful bass sound. Furthermore, the three speakers produce 410 W of sound, which is more than enough for large rooms. Not only that, the wireless connectivity of the Samsung A550 supports both Wifi and Bluetooth, making it stand out from other models.

All of the above, if you’re unsure what to do if the speaker breaks down, don’t worry because the Samsung A550 comes with a one-year on-site brand guarantee that will put your mind at ease.

Samsung A650:

It’s time to step up your gaming experience with flawlessly timed directional audio that moves with the on-screen action and Crosstalk cancellation. Samsung A650 never compromises its quality as it minimizes distractions to enhance your gaming experience.

Furthermore, with technology that enhances whatever you’re watching, you can experience optimum sound for your favorite video content, including sports, gaming, movies, and much more. On top of that, DTS Virtual:X technology creates an enthralling virtual 3D sound that moves all around you, and this surround sound is made possible using Dolby Digital 5.1.


Samsung A450:

The Samsung A450 performs well and generates a clean and pure sound. Its balanced sound profile, with a bit extra boom in the bass area, is still excellent for listening to a broad range of audio content, and it comes with a variety of sound modification options.

In addition, the latency performance of the Samsung A450 is great. It only supports optical connections, but they have very minimal latency, ensuring that your audio and pictures remain in sync. However, because several apps and TVs compensate for latency differently, your experience may differ.

Samsung A550:

The first word that comes to mind when discussing Samsung’s A550 performance is unbeatable. The adaptable sound option is especially good at enhancing almost any material, portraying conversation in greater detail, and giving sports spectators a stronger sensation of presence.

The Samsung HW-A550 operates admirably in terms of performance. It can become loud at a maximum level without much compression, making it ideal for listening to music at parties and in large spaces. At the same time, THD performance on the Samsung HW-A550 is average.

Samsung A650:

This soundbar has a relatively neutral sound profile that’s excellent for listening to a wide range of audio content right out of the box, albeit it struggles to create a thumpy low-bass.

It includes graphic EQ and numerous sound enhancement parameters. Moreover, it also offers features such as ‘Adaptive Sound Lite,’ which enhances the ‘Bass, thus giving your music a crisper sound. It also supports surround content, but you must downmix it to stereo to play it.


Samsung A450:

The Samsung A450 soundbar resembles the Samsung HW-T450 soundbar in appearance. It features a rectangular shape with a thin, slightly gleaming cloth on the front and topsides. The rest of the bar is covered with black plastic. Whereas, if we look at the subwoofer, most of the subwoofer is constructed of wood.

Fabric covers the front face of the device. On the other hand, the cloth seems thin and can easily become dusty or soiled. Last but not least, this soundbar does not include satellites, but Samsung’s Wireless Rear Speaker Kit can be purchased independently.

Samsung A550:

When it comes to the Samsung A550, its bar is designed straightforwardly. The bar is largely plastic, with a metal grille around the front. Furthermore, Melamine is used to make the majority of the subwoofer, and the front side is covered in cloth.

All of the above satellites are not included in this arrangement. Still, Samsung sells a Wireless Rear Speaker Kit separately.

Samsung A650:

We find a set of keys on the rear side of the top face modest due to their colour and size. At the same time, a feature of many Samsung soundbars is the small, slightly curved top front corner, which we discover in this one, giving it a little more stylish and unique design.

The complete frontal metallic grille wraps gently towards the bottom. It features a more unique hole design than most metallic grilles, usually spherical. It would assist if you did not remove the front or top grilles because they are not removable.


Samsung A450: 

If you want to have a good audio experience, invest a little extra than the usual soundbar and get a Samsung A450. The results you’ll get will be well worth the money.

You can upgrade your music, movie, or video game listening, watching, or playing experience by getting a Samsung A450 for about $161.04. It has complete set of remote control, batteries, wall mount brackets, HDMI cable, screws, and a user manual, all included in the box.

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Samsung A550:

The Samsung A550 is priced at $98.24, a little more than the Samsung A450. However, if the most accurate audio quality is needed, premium speakers will surpass affordable speakers. And the Samsung A550 exemplifies this by providing superb features that are well worth the investment.

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Samsung A650:

Last but not least, the Samsung A650 is priced between $399.99 and $499. Yes, it is significantly more expensive than these two models. Still, we believe that the Samsung A650’s price is insignificant compared to its quality.

It creates audible sensations. The sound moves you. Furthermore, the remote controller, optical cable, wall mount kit, controller battery, and power adapter are all included in the packaging box.

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What are the Similarities between these 3 speakers? 

Remote Control

If we talk about the similarities in A450, A550 or A650, all three models come with a remote control.

This is the basic pattern of the Samsung A series in which remote control is permanent but the size and keys of the remote vary. However, irrespective of the model and settings, the function of remote remains the same for every model.

Wireless Option

Samsung A series allows you to enjoy music without worry of wires connections as each of these models contains Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can decorate your sound system without worrying about the mess of cables as all of these three models don’t need any external cable to connect.

Perfect For Gaming Setup

Don’t worry whether you have a Samsung A450 model, A650 or A550. All these three are perfect for your gaming setup. So all the game lovers out there, it’s time to boost your gaming experience with the Samsung A series, which delivers a quality sound that feels real.

What are the Differences between these 3 speakers? 

Total Power

The main difference between A450, A550, and A650 is total power. The Samsung A450 utilizes upto 300W of total power. In contrast, if we look at A550, its total power is 410W, whereas A650 comes up with a total power of 430W. Of course, the total power boosts speakers’ functionality, and hence you can see by yourself which speaker is more efficient.

Performance Quality

The second difference that we notice while reviewing each product is performance quality. The performance quality of the A650 is way better than the remaining two models as it is the latest model Samsung introduced. The extra bass of A650 is the major difference between all these models, and that’s why it is considered A650 performance quality is better than the other two.

Built-in Channels

The models A450 and A550 have a 2.1 channel configuration, while the remaining one A650 contains a 3.1 channel configuration that differs from both models.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Which is Preferable for Larger Rooms?

The Samsung A650 is ideal for larger rooms and noisy environments because it does not distort even at maximum volume. It’ll also function well as a party projector because it doesn’t generate any thumping noises.

  1. Which of the SAMSUNG A450, A550, and A650 is Better?

The Samsung A550 has more efficient 410W speakers. It is equipped with Dolby digital 5.1 and DTS Virtual X audio technology for 3D sound systems.

  1. Which One has a Better Performance?

When it comes to quality, the Samsung A650 wins the race. Because the A650 is a larger soundbar, it has more driving channels and hence produces greater sound. It provides a strong bass when combined with the powerful subwoofer.

The Verdict

Summing it up, all models are well designed and accomplish their objectives. Each, though, has its own set of pros and cons. After reading our article, we hope that you will find it simple to make your final selection, as we have given you a comprehensive comparison of the Samsung A450, A550, and A650.

Still, in our opinion, the Samsung A650 is superior to both A550 and A450 in terms of sound quality. Because the HW-A650 is a 3.1 system. It has a separate centre channel that can replicate better and more accurate dialogue in TV episodes than the 2.1 HW-A450. It’s also more solidly made, having a virtual surround capability, an ARC port, and a Full HDMI In port.

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