Sonos Beam Gen 2 vs Bose 700 which is a better choice?

Confused between Sonos beam gen 2 and Bose 700? Worry not; you are in a reliable place. Soundbars play a vital role in your in-home needs and studio requirements. Thus, picking the finest in the market is a must. The article has all the details you need for picking an ideal soundbar for your necessity. Read to the end to get vital insights about these two exceptional soundbars.

But, if you are in haste, we have a super quick review just for you. Both the soundbars are great choices. However, the Sonos beam gen 2 offers a stunning sleek design supported by Dolby Atmos. The speakers also offer terrific surround audio performance for their users. On the other hand, the Bose 700 has an exceptionally balanced profile to suit specific users. These speakers are suitable for loud audio purposes, and they support wireless features the best.

By now, you must have an idea of the ideal features you are looking for in your soundbar. However, we suggest reading to the end for a better overview and decision.

Comparison of the two speakers

1. Design

The Bose 700 soundbar is not a huge speaker. It is a long sleek speaker that might not get along with all TV units. So, check on its dimensions before picking it. The design is normal and classy, yet one of the finest you might look at. Its most prominent and eye-catching aspect is its soundbar towards the top. Also, the speaker’s top is constructed using thick-fancy look glass to add to the overall style and elegance the soundbar intends to offer. However, the speaker may get dirty very quickly. The shiny glass top is prone to capturing fingerprints, so ensure you keep it away from kids. Yet, it is not an issue if you clean the speaker regularly and maintain it.

Further, the front and the side of the speaker have a fantastic black mesh metal finish that offers the soundbar ideal protection and makes it look striking at the same time. Also, the backside of the soundbar has various ports to enable better connectivity and prevent a messy look. The soundbar also has an HDMI Arc with an optical port for easy hooking. You also access a jack to connect the subwoofer to the system.Most time, the speaker does not necessitate a subwoofer; however, you can add one for a better effect. The soundbar also has an ethernet port with micro-USB slots for necessary updates.

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On the contrary, the Sonos Beam is quite tiny. The soundbar has smaller dimensions and takes up much less space than the Bose 700. It is an ideal speaker for Tvs in between 32 to 42 inches. However, it may not look very odd with larger Tv units, but users prefer adding it to smaller Tv sets. Considering the style of the Sonos Beam, it looks great without a doubt. The soundbar blends into any interior and looks cool with all decors.

The soundbar is primarily constructed using plastic and has a unique fabric that covers the speaker’s sides. Overall, the speakers look stunning; however, you can check this video to get a better view. The back of the soundbar has access points to connect it to power plugs. Also, the speaker has an HDMI Arc output that makes connectivity simple. The company also offers an HDMI to optical cable converter for users with only optical connection options in their TVs.

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The Verdict

The Sonos Beam is a fantastic-looking compact soundbar with a very attractive appearance considering looks and design. The black grille on its side looks amazing and blends exceptionally well with any interior. However, compared to the Bose 700, it does not shine out so well. In terms of design, the 700 from Bose is a clear winner. No soundbar has stunning looks and a striking appearance like this model. So, altogether, the Bose 700 is a preferable choice for users looking for design and looks.

2. Sound

The next aspect one must consider is sound. Considering sound, the Bose 700 has a 3.0 setup which offers a user with two sides and a sole center speaker. However, it lacks a subwoofer, but the soundbar still sounds exceptionally great even without it. The entire audio quality is truly fantastic. Acquiring “cinema sound” with soundbars is certainly not simple. However, with Bose 700, you get a sound quality pretty close to the actual cinematic effect. Despite being a 3.0 soundbar, it can easily fill the entire room with clear sound. It offers a striking effect, especially for those who enjoy watching action movies. The dialogue clarity and sound this speaker offers is certainly one of the finest and will leave you to astound.

The way Bose 700 fills your entire space with sound is simply exceptional. Moreover, the speakers offer fine audio for movies and dialogues and much more. With these soundbars, every activity will be more fun; from your favorite TV series to a video game you enjoy playing the most. The sound this speaker offers is noticeable by audio freaks and by people who least care about sound and audio quality. It is a masterpiece, and the company has surely raised its bar regarding quality. Adding the soundbar to your TV unit will prompt you to use it repeatedly.

Another striking feature that the Bose 700 offers is connectivity via Bluetooth. One can easily stream their favorite music via any smartphone by connecting it to this audio set. So, next time you have in-house parties, do not forget to use the Bose speakers. The soundbar’s clarity and sound quality are amazing in all aspects. For a better view of its sound, check this video.

On the contrary, you may think that the Sonos Beam gen 2 might lack when it comes to offering stunning sound because of its small stature. However, it is not so. The Sonos Beam gen 2 is certainly a power-pack performer for small speakers. Similar to the Bose 700, this is also a 3.0 soundbar and offers exceptional sound along with the power you need while watching your favorite movies. The sound quality and clarity of the speakers will certainly surprise you in every way. A small speaker and compact room space offer striking sound and effect to serve all needs.

Moreover, the Sonos Beam gen 2 is an ideal soundbar for action movies and all genres. The clarity that the speakers offer is exceptionally good. Honestly, it is not as good as the Bose 700, but a great deal for individuals with a tight budget. The price difference is notable, and users consider it a major aspect before purchasing.

Lastly, the major drawback with Sonos soundbars is the lack of connectivity options. The soundbars do not offer Bluetooth connectivity and thus cannot be connected to handsets with ease. However, overall, the sound performance and quality of the soundbar are not very disappointing.

The Verdict

Again, considering the sound quality and audio performance, the Bose Soundbar 700 is the finest! However, this soundbar is quite expensive compared to the Sonos beam gen 2. The Sonos Beam gen 2 offers stunning audio quality for its price but is not as good as the Bose. So, if you do not have a restricted expense, prefer buying the Bose 700 as they will certainly serve you well for a long period.

3. Accessibility

The Bose Soundbar 700 has the finest remote compared to any other soundbar that a person has ever encountered or operated. The remote is equally as exceptional as the other parts of the soundbar, and even if it is used multiple times, the remote quality will not degrade. Firstly, many presets are enabled to choose from, and they have varied sound control facilities compared to Bose models. The sound quality is much better than any other Bose soundbars. It also consists of stunning lights that light up when specific presets are used, which are a treat to the eyes. This soundbar can also be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa whenever a person may want.

On the other hand, the Sonos Beam 2nd Gen is not as great compared to other soundbars. When it comes to the Sonos soundbars, one thing is certain they have eliminated the remote from their soundbars. A person needs to program the settings to use wireless accessibility and connect to the TV remote for operations. Understandably, these soundbars are looking for ease and comfort here, but in the end, it is not user-friendly. The Sonos also comes with an application, but that again is not convenient for the user.

The Verdict

Since the Sonos Beam is not equipped with a remote, the clear preference by default is the Bose Soundbar 700. The Bose is equipped with a remote out of the two soundbars, but the remote of the Bose Soundbar700 is the best remote anyone could ever lay their hands on. The remote of the Bose Soundbar700 could not be any better than it already is, which is why the clear preference for most users here is the Bose Soundbar700. Its remote has all the accessibility you are looking for to operate your soundbar easily.

4. Features

Lastly, let us check the most vital aspect of them all. The features of this soundbar are incredible in all aspects. Here’s a quick view of the features that the soundbar have to offer:

Sonos Beam gen 2

  • Exceptional Dolby Atmos Sound Effect
  • Sync with your TV remote
  • Voice-enabled
  • Sensitive full touch controls
  • Cost-efficient
  • Offers Wi-Fi and AirPlay connectivity
  • HD-quality audio
  • Features with Voice Control

Bose 700

  • Elegant looks and overall design
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in Voice Assistant system
  • Complete Remote-Control Operation
  • Optional Surround Speakers and Bass Module
  • Exceptional Voice Pick up

The Verdict

Both the speakers do offer striking features and perks to their users. However, the Bose 700 has more facilities to offer for ease of use. You can consider and check the aspects to pick your ideal soundbars accordingly.

The Verdict

Every detail about both the speakers might be clear to you by now. You can opt for the finest option considering your needs and audio quality requirements. The Bose 700 is undoubtedly the finest soundbar you could opt for between the two. It offers stunning sound quality and exceptional connectivity options to serve all your requirements. Moreover, it has a striking appearance to suit your interior needs and blend well in all decors. However, with inflexible budgets, you can opt for the Sonos Beam gen 2. The speakers look great and offer striking facilities along with good audio quality. The only issue could be connectivity; however, you can connect devices via cables. Overall, both the speakers are preferable choices. Consider the aspects listed to get a clearer view of the right soundbar for your need.

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