Vizio Elevate vs Bose 700 which is a better choice?

Before now, the speakers which are made for home use are always heavy, big and as well produce less quality of sound. But now, everything has been made easier as one doesn’t need to have a big set of speakers in your room before you can listen to audio media. It has been made in such a way that with small sets of speakers or soundbars as we can listen to quality and mind-blowing sound from the comfort of our home.

The joy of enjoying the quality of sound from the comfort of your home can not be overemphasized as it helps to sharpen the listening experience.

When it comes to audio, technology has enabled TVs to grow ever flatter, smaller, and lighter. Large speakers that can move a lot of air are required to fill a room with sound, and big speakers will not fit inside a thin TV chassis. Soundbars can help with this.

Are you a sound engineer or you are a casual listener and you are confused about the type or brand of the soundbar to buy? Read through this article as we will be comparing two award-winning soundbars which have been shaking the market with their well-designated products.

Today, there is going to be a rift as we will be making our comparison between the Vizio Elevate soundbar and Bose 700 soundbar. These two companies have succeeded in producing different kinds of soundbars which are now among the best speakers in terms of review. Even though they both produce good and quality speakers, in the course of our comparison, we will be digging deep into some of the differences between these two products. So we will be looking at their comparison in terms of price, design, and the quality of sound they give out.


Before one can execute a project or purchase a particular product or goods, the first thing to think about is the budget. One needs to be conscious of how much the product is going to cost. So in the purchase of a soundbar, it is necessary to rule out a budget for the purchase of the speaker. Although, there are so many brands and kinds of soundbars with different sound qualities in the market.

The Vizio Elevate is priced at $871 while Bose 700 is priced at $799.

The Verdict: In the course of comparing what brand of soundbars to purchase, people always consider the soundbars with the least price because it is believed that instead of wasting money on a single soundbar, you can buy the opponent soundbar and even save the extra bucks.

Vizio Elevate soundbar is on the high side in terms of price compared to Bose 700. This may be a minus on the side of the Vizio Elevate soundbar as the extra $70 may be saved or used to purchase another set of speakers.  


There are some speakers or soundbars that produce a quality of sounds but they lack a good body design. The bodily design of a speaker is very important because that contributes a lot to the choice of selection of soundbars. In this section, we shall be considering the bodily design of these two soundbars.

Vizio Elevate: The Vizio Elevate is a one-of-a-kind soundbar. The front section of the bar is iron while the rear is made up of vinyl and plastic. When you play Atmos or DTS:X content, the bar can rotate its left and right edges upwards, you can also make these sections always face upwards rather than outwards. The driver is situated beneath the subwoofer, which is mounted on four little pegs. Melamine is used for the most part, with a plastic plate on top. On the back of the submarine, there are ports for connecting satellites.

Two satellite speakers are included with the Vizio Elevate. The top and front of the speaker have an aluminum grille, while the rest of the speaker is made of plastic. They’re made to be hung vertically.



Bose 700: The Soundbar 700 offers a quality appearance and feel. It is heavy, signifying that the interior is well-made. It has a beautiful tempered glass top border, and there are some response buttons on the bar. The effect it produces on your living area is softened by rounded corners and a wrap-around grille, as well as its remarkable tiny size.


The Verdict: In terms of the body design, the two soundbars are both attractive but the tempered glass at the top of the Bose 700 soundbar makes it look more attractive compared to the Vizio Elevate. There is a glaring and distracting look it gives to the room when it is being placed very close to the TV screen. It tends to reflect the images being shown on the TV screen.


Some soundbars have some special features which make them sound better than others. Specifications are the functional features exhibited by some soundbars to produce quality and clear outputs.

Vizio Elevate:

The Vizio Elevate possesses some great features which enable it to produce amazing and mind-blowing sound as it is a 5.1.4 channel home soundbar. It has two independent HDMI inputs and a third, called “HDMI Out,” that supports eARC, connectivity. It is built with external digital input, 3.5mm analog audio, and also a 3.5mm “voice assistant” input, as well as USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The Elevate connects to your network via Wi-Fi and comes with built-in Spotify Connect and Chromecast.

The remote resembles the ones that come with lesser Vizio soundbars, however, there are two key differences. At the top, there’s an LCD monitor, and at the bottom, there are four setup buttons.

It also has an automatic volume or night mode volume, which automatically reduces the volume during the night. Instead of you to be stressing yourself looking for the remote to reduce the volume of the sound dissipated, it will automatically reduce the volume.

Bose 700:

The Bose 700 have HDMI input with Audio Return Channel (ARC) which runs to the TV, alternatively, the soundbar has an optical cable port in case the TV does not have the HDMI port.

The remote control is huge and has the ability to control both the blue-ray and the TV. It also has in-built  Bluetooth, Wifi, Apple Airplay, Amazon Music, Spotify which makes connection easier.

The Verdict: Although the two soundbars have special unique features, the Vizio Elevate has made their headway through the in-built Chromecast for easier connectivity which is absent in the Bose 700 soundbar.


This is the most important feature to look into while making a choice of selection of a soundbar. Everyone desires to have high-quality sound-producing soundbars. Would you rather settle for low-quality sound-producing bars? I know your answer is No. let us look into the two soundbars and point out the one that produces the high quality of sound.

Vizio Elevate:

The stereo frequency response of the Vizio Elevate is remarkable as it produces a bass-heavy sound profile which gives audio more boom and impact.

The Vizio elevate has bass and treble controls, as well as four Equalizer, presets to allow you to customize the sound profile to your taste. The main speaker has 13 drivers, including a designated center channel and 5 tweeters this makes it produce more accurate and mind-blowing sounds. It has a 30-20Hz frequency.

Bose 700:

The Soundbar 700 produces a sound that is significantly more amazing than its modest size. There’s enough left and right dispersion to cover an entire living room wall, evoking a feeling of theatrical scale well beyond what any TV’s built-in speakers can achieve.

Despite its tiny shape and lack of up-firing speakers, the Soundbar 700’s audio has a modest sensation of verticality. This little verticality is very effective for making dialogue appear to come from the screen rather than the speaker.

The sound system’s architecture, which includes four forward-facing drivers and ‘Phase Guide’ multi-directional beam elements, ensures that vocals remain clear and locked in place at the heart of the soundbar’s sound, despite the widespread dispersion.

The Verdict: Despite the fact that the two soundbars produce quality sounds, Vizio elevate has 13 drivers which make it produce more quality sound compared to the four driver’s speaker.

The Verdict

Having made the comparison between these two soundbars, it is necessary to know that the price matters in the choice of soundbars but the sound quality of the speaker matters most as that is the main reason why one opts to get a soundbar. As we can see in terms of price, the price for Vizio Elevate is on the high side but the features and the design of the soundbars are worth the price tag for the purchase of the soundbar.

The Bose 700 is also a perfect alternative of the soundbar to purchase in case you do not have enough bucks to purchase the Vizio Elevate soundbar.

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