Wet Sounds Boat Speaker Covers

3 Wet Sounds Boat Speaker Covers To Consider in 2022

When it comes to marine audio, you do not get much better than the folks at Wet Sounds. Recently I had a look at a couple of awesome Wet Sounds Soundbars for golf carts which I thought were great. Today I am taking a more “nautical” approach as I look at a really cool accessory for those of you with a Wet Sounds speaker setup on your boat. 

As of writing, I have not had the pleasure to check out some of the awesome Wet Sounds products that are out there, but that is going to change real soon so keep an eye out for that. I have though looked at other sound options for a boat for boats so be sure to check those out. 

Anyway, enough of that. Let’s get to what we are really here for today and that is to look at the different models of speaker covers available from Wet Sounds. 

Why Do I Need These?

You may be thinking that the whole point of having Wet Sounds boat speakers is that they are waterproof so why would they need protection? I can see why you would think that and full disclosure, I thought that too at first. However, in looking at this range from Wet Sounds, which they refer to as their “Speaker Suitz” by the way. I more and more saw the appeal of these.

Let’s face it, Wet Sounds speakers are not cheap, for example, their flagship Wet Sounds REV Series 8″ Black Tower Speakers will cost you over a grand! They make the highest-quality speakers for a boat, but you are paying a premium price for a premium product. I do not know about you, but if I am spending that much money a hundred or so bucks more to ensure they stay looking awesome is not something I would be against. 

From what I understand the idea of these Wet Sounds boat speaker covers is to ensure that they do not get all scratched up or damaged. They are designed to keep the speakers protected while you have your boat in storage or when you are traveling. Last thing you want is your very expensive speakers getting all scratched up by branches or covered in bird poop while you are making your way to the lake! 

How Many Are There? 

Ok, so as we know, Wet Sounds speakers are not cheap and as you have probably guessed, neither are their accessories such as these Speaker Suitz we are taking a look at. They do have a few different options as they do offer a few different types of boat speakers. While I have done more than a few boat speaker reviews on here. I cannot tell you that these will be compatible with any kind of marine audio equipment as they do seem as if they are specifically designed with their own speakers in mind. So do not purchase these thinking you can just stretch them out over your other brand of boat speakers.   

I did a bit of digging around and for the most part, these seem easiest to get from Wet Sounds themselves. All of these are made from the same neoprene material and have the Wet Sounds logo proudly displayed on them. They also have high quality zips to make sure the speakers are nice and tightly wrapped up. 

1. Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV410 & PRO485

First up we have the Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV410 & PRO485 which is going for $169.99. I did also manage to find a seller on eBay selling this same model for ten bucks less. So, it may be worth doing a bit of shopping around. As the name suggests this is for their REV410 and PR485 speaker.

2. Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV10 & PRO80

Next up we have the Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV10 & PRO80 . I will admit that these seem a lot cooler from a design point of view. I also need to state that I found another store selling these online and it does state that these come in a pair. These are for their REV10 and PRO80 speakers and these Wet Sound boat speaker covers will currently set you back, $149.99.

3. Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV8 & PRO60

Last, but by no means least we have the Wet Sounds | Speaker Suitz For REV8 & PRO60. These are basically the exact same Speaker Suitz that we just looked at expect they are for the smaller, REV8, and PRO60 Wet Sounds speakers. These are also priced at $149.99 and come in a pair. 

I know that some people may look at these and think over 100 bucks is crazy for a set of Wet Sounds boat speaker covers. However, I do kind of see the appeal of these. They are designed for those that have their boats in storage for a while or those that take their boat on the back of a trailer to the lake or on vacation. If you are worried about your speakers getting all scratched up, I do feel that this is a great way for you to keep them nice and safe. 

Also, check out the other waterproof speaker articles we have here on the sight if you are in the market for a set of speakers for your boat, golf cart, or even for out by the pool. 

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