Edifier XM6BT vs Logitech Z337 which is a better choice?

It is never that hard to identify an excellent sound monitor for a person who loves listening to music. But picking the right speaker when presented with an Edifier and Logitech option can prove tricky. These brands offer superior quality products, reliability and expertise in sound monitor production. Today we are going to compare Edifier XM6BT and the Logitech z337.

About the companies

Logitech is a Swiss company that has been around for 41 years now. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has grown over the years mainly because it is well invested in innovation and the superior quality of its products. Logitech is known for innovative ideas and projects, such as a thumb-operated trackball, laser mouse, and infrared cordless mouse. It has endeared itself to its customers worldwide with world-class sound monitors, gaming tools, streamlabs and blue microphones. You can’t go wrong with a Logitech speaker. After all, Swiss companies have a reputation for making outstanding products.

Edifier was established in 1996 in Beijing, China. For the years it has been around, it has proven itself as a trailblazer in the manufacture of premium yet affordable sound monitors. The company has developed a good ear which helps it produce quality products that suit its customer needs. With over 200 distribution points in over 70 countries, you will have an easy time picking and receiving your preferred Edifier speaker.

Let us now explore the speakers.

The appearance and design


The Edifier XM6BT is a 2.1 speaker. This means it comes with 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Each of the satellite speakers come with a 3″ mid-range woofer and a 10mm tweeter. The main woofer measures 6.5″. A cloth mesh has been used to cover the speakers. Edifier has used MDF in making the frame of the speakers. You will find a hole at the back of the speakers to help with the mounting on the wall. Unlike many speakers, the Edifier XM6BT has its control panel situated at its side. This means its back can be pushed all the way against the back of the bookshelf or wall. This feature makes it easier to operate. There is a bass control knob and buttons for selecting your track and the volume. Though the XM6BT speaker presents an old school face, the silver arches on either side of the woofer make it stand out.

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The Logitech Z337 2.1 speaker presents a fantastic design that appeals to the eye. Its fancy satellite speakers and boxy main speaker make it merge well with a house or studio interior. The manufacturer has used plastic to make the speakers and used a matte-black finish to make the whole unit present a rather masculine look. The main speaker measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 6.2 inches, while the satellite speakers measure 7.6 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches. The satellite speakers slant slightly backwards, enabling them to deliver optimal sound to your ears. The wired control attached to the main speaker’s back affords you an output Jack port, Bluetooth pairing button, and a power switch. What is more, the top of the control serves as the volume dial.

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Technical specs

The Edifier XM6BT speaker provides you with multiple connectivity options, among them USB flash, SD card playback, AUX input and a Bluetooth function. The XM6BT makes playing your favourite music or video easy and fun. The 6.5″ woofer that allows you to enjoy the best bass any bookshelf speaker can offer. The two 3″ mid-range woofers and the two 10mm tweeters enable XM6BT to deliver superior quality sound from your music source. The other thing that makes this speaker stand out is the side control panel that allows you to control the sound quality without rotating or turning the unit. Edifier has employed volume memory mode and break-point memory technology, making the unit bespoke to your listening preferences. The total power output of the XM6BT is 24W and comes with a ‘signal to noise rate’ of 85dBA. As for the frequency range, the XM6BT R/L is 210Hz – 20kHz, and the SW is 20Hz – 120Hz.

The Logitech pumps a maximum of 80W at its peak. This makes it a pretty decent sound machine to have on your desk because the bass at the low end is superb and, on the higher range, the quality is still considerably good to the ears. The input options you have with this unit are a 3.5mm jack, RCA input, Bluetooth, and a headphone output. Even though an inbuilt control unit comes with a bass knob, you stand to enjoy the external control panel that allows you to control the volume and other settings without touching the speaker. The exterior panel complements the three speakers in colour and shape. The input impedance of the speaker stands at 10k Ohm while the frequency response ranges between 55Hz to 20kHz.


The Edifier XM6BT has a robust woofer and mid-range subwoofers that deliver punchy bass. Because of the tight tolerances employed by the manufacturer, the tweeters deliver impeccable balance to the ears. Switching between different audio sources is easy and quick since there is an LED indicator light that lets you know the audio source that is in current use. The Edifier XM6BT is compatible with your smartphone, but you will need to note that unpairing the Bluetooth can only be done from the phone and not the speaker. At low frequencies, you will love the speaker’s bass, and at a higher range, you will notice the treble speakers’ superiority and the woofer’s effectiveness, which doesn’t bounce with the punchiness of every beat.

While the sound coming out of this Logitech speaker is punchy, loud and bold, it is not necessarily nuanced. The bass from this speaker tends to stand out. With a total of 40W total power coming from the Z337, you will enjoy using it with your smartphone or PC. You will also love the clear voices when watching your movies and the good quality of your music. To enjoy the best bass-line, put the physical volume below 50% and EQ the bass using software.

The major differences between these two speakers

The one thing that you must note about these two speakers is that they cost less than $100. As such, they are suitable for upgrading the laptop or PC speakers. Having said that, it becomes easier comparing the two. One significant difference between them is that the Z337 does not have a USB port, while the Edifier option has one. While the Edifier XM6BT is easy to control because of the side-mounted panel, the Logitech Z337 has improved the user experience with a detached control panel. Long listening to music with Z337 tend to come with ear fatigue.

The Verdict

The Edifier XM6BT speaker has excellent bass, making it ideal for watching movies, gaming, and music that emphasizes the bass. You will note the way the bass doesn’t fade away with the pumping of the volume, and the treble remains noticeable. On the other hand, the Logitech Z337 presents you with practicality, especially if you want to use it with a PC. However, the woofer and the satellite speakers tend to distort at higher volume levels. But at such a low price and without a real need to listen to music at high volumes, the Logitech Z337 is a pretty good investment.

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