Denon DHT-S216 vs Yamaha SR-B20A which is a better choice?

Speakers are essential parts of your home’s stereo system. With the right ones, you will enjoy your movies, games, shows, parties, and so much more. Selecting the right speaker can be tricky, especially when picking from two competitive models. The Denon DHT-S216 and the Yamaha SR-B20A are superb speakers offering users exceptional audio quality.

Reading to the end will help you pick your ideal speakers well. We have listed certain aspects to help you get perfect audio sets for your stereo system and meet all your needs. However, if you are in haste, here is a quick review. The Denon DHT-S216 is a fantastic model with striking looks, 3D Audio features, stunning compatibility and wireless streaming. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece that aids in serving all your requirements. On the other hand, Yamaha SR-B20A has a simple use, rich bass, four different sound modes and easy listening. Further, it also has stunning looks to modify the entire stereo system look.

Yet, understanding the speaker’s in-depth knowledge is a must for accurate purchase. Thus, we suggest reading all features before making any final choice.

Comparison of the two speakers


Considering the design of the Denon DHT-S216, it is not very attractive or stunning. The soundbar looks neutral and fits in your stereo system quite well. It is 35-inches long, 2.35-inches high and 4.7-inches broad, making it suitable for even big-sized TVs. Further, it also comes with spacers and brackets that easily fit into the system.

The speaker has two 3-inch subwoofers on the inside. It can also offer a loud, clear sound that might astound you. The 3D DTS Virtual audio offers an overhead sound and surround audio that you will not find easily in other soundbars. So, it is one of the finest for your favorite movies and shows as it gives a superb effect and lovely feeling that you wish for while watching a movie in-home.

On the contrary, the design of the B20A is not quite varied from that of the other YAS models. It has a similar shape and structure. Also, the dimensions of all these three soundbars are quite similar and not very different from one another. Altogether, the B20A has striking looks that will certainly catch your eye.

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Further, the YAS models have slightly soft and little sharp edges in their new models. It makes the soundbars more durable and looks entirely striking. Moreover, Yamaha has built the top panel of this speaker in a very simple structure by adding big LEDs for clearer visibility. These features assist in making it appear even more appealing in darker rooms. So, altogether the B20A is an ideal match for your stereo system in this aspect.

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The Verdict

The Yamaha SR-B20A is more attractive than the Denon DHT-S216. It is a fantastic-looking elegant soundbar with all the aspects to make your stereo room look more appealing. So, if you are focused on design and structure, we recommend going for the Yamaha SR-B20A only.


In setting up the soundbar, Denon DHT-S216 offers easy and manageable connections. The HDMI port assists in making the connectivity better and routing all the audio cables well to the TV. Further, you will also not find difficulty connecting other devices like game boxes to your soundbar. All you must ensure is that the HDMI ARC and TV settings are well aligned for avoiding most issues.

However, the setup does not permit DTS-HD Master Audio connectivity. For this, you may have to run some errands. And the audiophiles will mostly identify this already. To ensure access to these facilities, you might have to connect a few more wires and cables to varied devices.

On the contrary, the Yamaha B20A focuses on better and effortless connectivity. The selling point of the speaker highlights this fantastic feature. Its basic idea is to offer a very simple soundbar to set up and connect to varied devices. Altogether, Yamaha has certainly nailed this aspect and offered the finest only. The speaker necessitates only power and connectivity to audio sources to enable its use. Further, it also comprises necessary cables and instructions to make your task easy.

Lastly, all you need to do is add batteries to the remote and start operating your all-new speakers. Further, the soundbar does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you do not necessitate internet connectivity to use or update the speakers. Also, you don’t need to purchase speakers with all aspects and features. Sometimes minimal features ensure hassle-free use and connections for better functionality.

The Verdict

Again, the clear choice considering setup ease is the Yamaha SR-B20A. It is an obvious pick for its ease and hassle-free connectivity. The Denon DHT-S216 is also simple to connect. However, it might get complicated with the wiring. Also, it cannot beat the Yamaha B20A in terms of connectivity. So, for ease of use and functionality, pick Yamaha’s SR-B20A only.

Sound Quality

Considering the audio, the DHT-S216 is quite surprising for its price. The soundbar offers a full sound without attaching separate woofers or connectivity. Altogether, the overall listening and sound quality are pleasing and offer quite clear audio quality for its users.

However, figuring out a fine configuration for your speaker might take some time here. It would help if you altered the modes according to your viewing content for fine effects. Thus, picking the right mode is a must for maximum outcomes. Not every mode will suit a song or movie genre. So, decide on it with little experimentation and study.

Also, using its 3D surround amplifies the high and low pitches. However, it is not very effective on the mid sounds. So, using it may affect your dialogue quality and clarity. So, you might have to opt for a dialogue enhancer for maximum profits in such an instance.

On the contrary, Yamaha’s SR-B20A is unmatchable for sound quality and performance. It has a very swift midrange, clear high end, and efficient bass response for speakers that do not come with separate subwoofers.

Most Yamaha models resemble this performance. And for the SR-B20A, it is quite clearly noticed. You can experience the finest audio quality these speakers offer while watching your movie or TV show. The low end of this speaker is quite impressive and cannot produce a sound similar to a subwoofer. The speaker will not give you any issues but surely complement the sound you receive at the audio end.

The Verdict

In terms of sound quality, both speakers have unbeatable performance. Thus, picking one could be quite tricky. However, the Yamaha SR-B20A is certainly a close winner. It has all the performance aspects you wish for and offers users unbeatable low, mid, and high-range sounds.


Before concluding, it is necessary to consider all the speakers’ features. Identifying them helps give a quick view of the overall aspects that the soundbars have to offer. Here’s a list of the highlighting aspects that each speaker offers.

Features of Denon DHT-S216 

  • 3D Audio with DTS Virtual

You can enjoy an amplified bass, crisp dialogues and superb surround sound with this exciting feature Denon has to offer. Further, you can upgrade to premium-quality audio and enhance the sound as desired.

  • Highly compatible

These soundbars are very compatible and can be attached to any device without an issue.

  • Compact design

The design is sleek and nice, making it suitable for multiple interiors. Also, placing the speakers in front of your TV set will not block any part and offer complete ease.

Features of Yamaha SR-B20A

  • Quick Immersion

The soundbar offers stunning sound in all directions. Its 3D virtual DTS aspects help envelop and create impressive effects while in use.

  • Simplicity of use

The B20A is known for its ease. It is simple to connect these soundbars, but also to use them is entirely hassle-free.

  • Stunning Clarity

The soundbar offers stunning clarity, crisp voice, rich bass and four different modes to serve all needs.

The Verdict

Each speaker has its features. However, the YAS B20A highlights modern-day aspects that you will not find in Denon DHT. So, if you wish for looks, sound, and superior quality performance pick this speaker only.

The Verdict

Both the speakers have their profits. However, the Yamaha SR-B20A is a winner over the Denon DHT-S216. The soundbar offers complete ease, high-quality performance, and much more to a user. Also, it is very cost-efficient and offers stunning aspects at its price range. The Denon DHT-S216 is also a reliable option. However, it is somewhat pricey. Check the videos at below and to note the distinctions well.

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