Yamaha YAS 306 vs YAS-209 which is a better choice?

Choosing either of these speakers will be an excellent choice for your home. With the soundbars, you can enjoy excellent sound effects and fulfill all of your home’s needs. The audio sets presented here are also the most suitable for clean, hassle-free and convenient setups.

There are certainly many worthwhile options to choose from. Nevertheless, we have listed a few factors that can help you determine which soundbar is best for you. Read on to find out more about each soundbar.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick check. Yamaha’s YAS-306 is a high-performance music system that offers wireless performance and loudspeakers for any home setup. You can use it for your multi-room and it provides basic sound functionality. However, the Yamaha YAS-209 may have issues with wireless connectivity but is also a fine wireless speaker. In addition, it has great sound, excellent remote control handling, and is an excellent choice for users at the entry level.

So, keep scrolling to learn more about these two amazing Yamaha soundbars, YAS 306 and YAS 209. You can select your perfect set after scanning every detail.

Build & Design

Yamaha YAS 306:  

Firstly, there is a design variation. The long, elegant design of the Yamaha YAS-306 is eye-catching. Ideally paired with large TVs, this is a pretty large soundbar. Therefore, if you are looking for a speaker suitable for your 50” or bigger TV, this might be it. This speaker will not fit on smaller TVs, however. We do not recommend it to them.

A built-in IR repeater allows you to use the audio bar without adding a remote or fussing with connectivity. Additionally, It will be possible to attach them to your wall so that you will not require any tables or shelves.

Although the minimalistic design of this soundbar might not be so great, it gives your home theater system a classy look. You can choose between the black and silver versions of these speakers.

Further, there are extra buttons on the top of the speakers. They allow you to adjust basic settings such as volume and connectivity manually. In addition to light indicators and features for an enhanced user experience, the speaker offers everything you’ll need.

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Yamaha YAS 209:

The Yamaha YAS-209‘s bar is simple and attractive thanks to its all-black design. There is mesh surrounding the soundbar, but the top and back of the unit have plastic inputs. Yamaha YAS-209 controls are on top, rather than in front like the Yamaha YAS-207. As a result, there will be nothing coming in between your way of watching TV such as  control lights.

A simple design characterizes the subwoofer. Aside from melamine, it’s covered in mesh fabric on one side and the front. It has a glossy plastic port on the front.

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The Verdict:

Its exceptional aesthetics make the Yamaha YAS-306 a winner. It features a sleek, thin soundbar for all your décor needs. The YAS-209 has good-looking speakers, but it’s woofer has significant shortcomings compared to the former soundbar.

Technical Specifications

Yamaha YAS 306:

To access the Yamaha YAS-306‘s unique features, you must connect it to your network. If possible, connect the MusicCast app via Wi-Fi or with a cable. Wireless connections are only available over 2.4GHz. Generally, these audio sets do not have issues with wireless connectivity. They operate smoothly and offer ease of use.

Moreover, the audio settings can be seamlessly connected to your TV and other devices. Alternatively, you can disable the internal speakers of your TV and use these speakers instead.

Easily control your home audio system with the masterpiece. An intuitive remote control comes with a soundbar. It allows you to manually adjust volume and connectivity and other basic features.

Yamaha YAS 209:

There are a few sound enhancement features, and there are even six EQ presets specific to content types. There is also an immersive surround mode and a DTS-X 3D virtual surround setting, which aids in superb surround sound quality.

Yamaha YAS-209 supports decent audio formats over ARC. In addition to Dolby Digital and DTS, it supports HDMI ARC. You’ll be able to receive 5.1 surround sound on most streaming platforms that support it, including Blu-rays and streaming platforms. However, since this is a 2.1 bar, it will down-mix the signal to work.

The Verdict:

It is tricky to pick a winner for features. However, the YAS-209 can provide good sound features. There are also other soundtracks, such as the hi-tech sound technology, to meet your needs. YAS-306 is the clear winner, however, if you’re looking for features like remote control and wireless operation.

User Friendliness

Yamaha YAS 306:

Yamaha’s YAS-306 is extremely easy to use. Remote control and easy operation make it an excellent choice for all users. Also, the device is wireless, so long wires and cables are no longer an issue.

You can also connect other wireless devices to the soundbar easily. It is also easy to connect the speakers to the soundbar. It has excellent connectivity and is an effortless device to use. However, lags may occur in the speaker’s response to bass and sound. Despite its low price, the sound of this device isn’t the best for house parties or other movie nights.

Yamaha YAS 209:

The Yamaha YAS-209’s wireless subwoofer is surprisingly heavy, so setting it up can be challenging. The subwoofer weighs 7.9 kg, making it a little hard to maneuver by yourself, even though it is possible. It still needs to be connected to the power source, even though it has a wireless connection to the soundbar. It can therefore not be placed in every room.

Putting the soundbar together takes less than 30 minutes from when the box arrived when it was ready to use. A large portion of this time was spent positioning the two devices and connecting them to the TV. It is important to note that Yamaha does not include an HDMI cable, so you must purchase one separately.

The Verdict:

The winner here is Yamaha YAS 306, as it is comparatively easy to install and use. On the other hand, the Yamaha YAS 209 is bulkier in size and not easy to set up, move, clean, or relocate.

Performance Quality

Yamaha YAS 306:

The YAS-306 is a far superior speaker to your regular TV speakers regarding sound quality. Essentially, it amplifies your entire system so that you can enjoy watching and listening to movies and music even better. The speakers ensure that you receive the right balance and impact. The soundbar is not the best on the market due to some flaws.

The sound quality of its movies is incredible, offering an immersive cinematic experience. Additionally, it provides the best on-screen action to give you a gratifying movie-watching experience. Each time you use these fantastic speakers, you get a theater-like experience.

Yamaha YAS 209:

The stereo performance is suitable for total harmonic distortion. Under heavier loads, the THD does not jump significantly. Even when the volume is at its peak, the sound should still be clear and pure. Yamaha’s YAS-209 provides acceptable center channel performance.

Because this is a 2.1 system, there is no dedicated center channel; instead, the stereo channels are used to create what appears to be a center channel. As a result, center noises sound more diffused and less clear. Despite this drawback, it still has a decent sound balance, though it is noticeably quieter than other soundbars.

The Verdict:

Performance and sound quality are the Yamaha YAS-209’s most substantial assets. This sound system is perfect for any audio application with its other features. Audio is also of good quality on the YAS-306. Nevertheless, not as ear pleasing as YAS-209. The sound and bass of the two speakers are significantly different.

What I Like

Yamaha YAS 306 Yamaha YAS 209
User-friendly device High-end & durable build quality
Good quality audio Supports Alexa
Compatible with almost every device Excellent sound quality and performance
Lightweight DTS Digital surround sound
Elegant & sleek design Compressed music enhancer

What I Don’t

Yamaha YAS 306 Yamaha YAS 209
No text display Only 1 HDMI Input
Expensive compared to other soundbars Lacks low-frequency effects
Lacks HDMI connectivity to play music No multi-room music feature
  No on screen display

The Verdict

Ultimately, the Yamaha YAS 209 and Yamaha YAS 306 are good-quality soundbars. The final decision depends on the buyer’s requirements. Based on the points mentioned in the comparison, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.

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