Q600A vs Q700A vs Q800A which is a better choice?

Everyone enjoys an evening spent watching a great movie or TV show. And why wouldn’t they? It is interesting, funny, and is time well spent.

And what provides a better TV watching experience is having a theatre experience. But this tough COVID-19 and quarantine time have made all of us realize that we can’t go to a theatre.

So what’s better than having the cinematic experience in your house? A great TV coupled with a perfect speaker system can achieve all your television goals.

A perfect home-cinema speaker has a beautiful design, affordable to get, and provides an excellent sound that echoes off your surroundings, giving an illusion of it coming from all directions.

Samsung has a great history of providing its customers with outstanding quality technological equipment ranging from mobile phones to speakers. Their products are pure perfection.

Recently they have presented us with home theatre speaker systems. But with varying variety and features, it is a tough choice. In this article, we will be comparing the Samsung Q home-cinema series. Q800a, Q700a and Q600a.

Their users with many positive reviews well love all three. But which is the best in terms of price, design, and sound? Well, we will find out!

Description about Samsung Q800a:

One of Samsung’s 2021 releases, the Samsung Q800a, is equipped with features to exponentially improve your TV speakers’ sound quality.

It has the Q-symphony technology room-correction functionality but in Alexa airplay, two and more. Measuring 98 cm wide, it is a perfect addition to your LED screens.

Unfortunately, you can only use two of its major technology (the Q-symphony and the room correction) with Samsung TVs. So, it is useless with other TVs.

But the other features, the Alexa airplay and the Dolby Atmos, can improve your listening experience without needing a Samsung screen.

The Samsung Q800a is a 3.1.2 technology. It means that it has speaker drivers on the center, left, and right of the main soundbar. These drivers expel the sound in the direction of their position so that it can travel throughout the room.

It also has one subwoofer for the low-frequency bass sound and two upward-facing ceiling drivers. The 3.1.2 means three forward-facing drivers (center, left, and right), one subwoofer, and two upward-facing drivers.

Description about Samsung Q700a:

Like the Samsung Q800a, the Q700a is also equipped with Dolby Atmos, Q-symphony, and DTS: X technologies. Unlike the Q800a, the Q700a does not have the Amazon Alexa built-in voice support.

The Q-symphony makes it effortless to use for Samsung TV, but you cannot use it with another TV system. It also has the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X feature to heighten the sound along with Samsung’s acoustic beam surround technology.

Description about Samsung Q600a:

The Samsung Q600a is also a 2021 speaker update from Samsung that has the 3.1.2 feature like its other lineup options like the Q700a and Q800a.

It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X Bluetooth, and apple airplay, two supporting technologies.

Comparing the price:

All three speaker systems are from the same company but available at different price points and offer variations in features.

But which one offers the best deal at the lowest price? When comparing the price, it is necessary to go through all the other aspects. Because many times the cheapest option may not be the best option in terms of features and sound quality.

Samsung Q800a:

Available for $750, it offers a wide range of features. This Dolby Atmos technology equipped speaker system also has 3D sound technology by the inclusion of DTS: X.

The wireless subwoofers can be easily connected and placed to the suitable area of your choosing. Providing the low-frequency sound to the beat of their ability, they take your TV watching dreams to the next level.

You can control it with the help of the remote included in the packaging. Or by connecting it to the Samsung smart app, which you can easily download into your smartphones.

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Samsung Q700a:

Available for only $550, the Q700a model has various options offered to its users. The 3D sound technology, with the help of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. the Q-symphony allows the TV speakers and the sound system to operate simultaneously.

It also has the 3.1.2 system with three sound firing systems on the front, two on the top, and one on the rear end. You can control it with the help of the remote provided along with the speaker system or with the app.

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Samsung Q600a:

You can purchase the Samsung Q600a for $480, which offers a wide variety of features like its competitor, the Q800a and Q700a.

It is the most affordable soundbar Samsung has to offer from its Q series while giving its users similar features as other models in the series.

Features like the Samsung acoustic beam technology and Q symphony upgrades the TV watching experience. The main difference is that it does not support the Wi-Fi option.

Like the other models, you can also control it with the help of a remote or the app’s use. It also has numerous firing ports (3 on the front, two on the top, and one on the back) for better sound quality.

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Comparing the design:

Design is an important feature to look at when making any purchase, whether small or big. Speakers need to be modernly designed to seamlessly blend with your room decor and not stand out against your TV.

It is also vital for the design to be minimalist while providing all the critical aspects needed in a speaker. The design will make the speaker stand out or blend in a room.

Samsung Q800a:

These versatile pair of speakers has an unassuming height of 5.7 centimeters. It makes the speakers system or the main soundbar easily wall-mounted.

The small soundbar does not take much space and can be easily adjusted to anywhere in the room. It has a matte, flat metal girdle wrapping its exterior, pairing it with most black TVs.

Unlike most soundbars with LED lights, Samsung Q800a has a small LED screen on one of its sides to show the essential things such as the volume of the TV. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and given voice commands to Alexa

You can control it with the help of a provided remote or through the app. There are ports available for input connections, such as HDMI on the back of the soundbar along with the power button.

On the top of the soundbar, buttons for the volume and microphone are added, and below it is the wifi connectivity button.

Samsung Q700a:

The body of Q700a is made of sturdy plastic with a metal grill on the front and the top. The black, sleek, modern design will be a beautiful addition to your TV system.

The subwoofer is made of wood with a cloth covering it. The soundbar size is 38.6” x 2.4” x 4.5″, a relatively long soundbar that does not obstruct your view when placed under the TV.

The volume, power, and connectivity buttons are provided on the top of the soundbar. It supports Bluetooth, apple airplay 2, and Wi-Fi as a wireless option. It also consists of HDMI and USB ports to connect it to multiple devices or update the system.

Samsung Q600a:

Like the Q600a, it has a body made of plastic and is covered with a metal grille on the front and top. The subwoofers are made of wood with a cloth covering them on their front.

It measures 38.6” x 2.3” x 4.1”, which can fit seamlessly under any more significant than 55” TV. The soundbar has two power cables, HDMI and USB input cables.

Comparing the sound:

The main characteristic that differentiates among different speakers is sound. Many speakers are provided by Samsung and other companies, with new and improving sound systems with each variation.

As sound is the main ingredient for any speaker, it must be of the best quality. So comparing the sound is an essential thing to do when looking to invest in a speaker system.

Samsung Q800a:

The Dolby Atmos included speaker system has a soundbar coupled with a wireless Bluetooth subwoofer. The soundbar consists of a single port on the rear end. It is approximately 20 cm wide to emit sound. The front of the soundbar consists of a port on the center, left, and right-hand sides.

The left and right-handed ports consist of a tweeter and a bass driver, while the center one only has a single tweeter.

The top of the soundbar has two upward-firing ports equipped with the Dolby Atmos and the DTS: X features. They also have integrated Acoustic beam 2.0 technologies, which has 23 holes to fire the sound at an 18-degree angle upwards and at a diagonal height.

Some sound settings are available on the remote, settings options, and the smart things app. The remote has a game mode pro setting for a better gaming experience, Surround Mode, which allows the height channels to improve the sound. The adaptive mode automatically changes the mode according to what you are watching.

The settings option provides you with the surround opportunity to equip the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to heighten your sound. The app offers you to choose from three different settings; a treble-boosting voice enhancement, a bass boost and a night mode.

Samsung Q700a:

The Samsung Q700s has two upward-firing ports equipped with the Dolby Atmos and the DTS: X to echo the sound off the ceiling.

The right-left and centre firing speakers on the front of the soundbar provide a neutral sound experience, while the subwoofers allow the low-frequency low bass sound.

It offers several options. Such as; a standard that does not alter the sound too much, the game pro for a better gaming experience, adaptive to change the mode automatically, and surround, which uses the Dolby Atmos technology to give an illusion of sound coming from all directions.

Samsung Q600a:

The Q600 has a mid-range and neutral sound experience. The Dolby Atmos and the DTS: X features allows the sound to echo and heighten.

Unlike the other two models in the Q series, the Q600a does not have wifi connectivity options or a wide area sound spread. The Q600a has a pro game and an adaptive sound.

It may make the gaming and TV watching experience great, but it does not make it the best with the other modes.

The Verdict:

Samsung has provided its customers with the best quality products, including TVs and speaker systems. The Q series provided by Samsung has Q symphony, which allows the TV speaker and the soundbar speakers to work together, enlarging the sound.

The difference between the three products is the frequency and sound quality. Other than that, the Q800a has a built-in Alexa feature for voice orders while the other two does not. The built quality for Q700a and Q600a is similar but different from the Q800a. The Q600a has fewer modes than the other two and has no satellite feature or Wi-Fi.

As Wi-Fi is a crucial connectivity feature for all the technological equipment, it makes the Q600a not worth it. Other than that, in my opinion, the better option will be the Q700a.

It is because it has all the needed features at affordable pricing compared to the Q800a, with the difference of not having the Amazon Alexa feature. This feature may be a great inclusion but can be lived without; hence, the Q700a is better.

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