Samsung A550 VS Q600A Which is A Better Choice?

Samsung A550 VS Q600A Which is A Better Choice?

Sound is very much essential to everyday life. It amplifies the action being demonstrated by someone as a means of communication. Speakers and sandbars serve as a means or channel of amplifying the sound to the hearing of every individual. The sound coming from our TVs, Radios, video players, and so on are being amplified with the help of speakers or soundbar. However, in other to have a good sound listening experience, one needs to consider some things in other to get a good and quality speaker to fill up the space and lift us into the realm of real sound experience.

So on that note, we will be considering two soundbars as they are both made from the same company and making a competitive move in the market. These two soundbars are Samsung a550 and Samsung q600a. Are passionate about getting yourself a soundbar and you are bothered about the one that will be good enough to sharpen your listening experience? Follow through this article and it is promising to unveil all the features possessed by these two speakers so we can be able to make our comparison between these two soundbars.


Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturer that is one of the world’s largest. Samsung manufactures a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems, among other things. It has become one of the most well-known technological brands, accounting for almost a quarter of South Korea’s total exports

Samsung first entered the electronics market in 1969, with multiple departments dedicated to electronics. Black-and-white televisions were their debut products. The company began exporting home electronics items to other countries in the 1970s. Samsung was already a prominent manufacturer in Korea at the time, having purchased a 50% interest in Korea Semiconductor.

Today, Samsung is known worldwide as one of the best companies producing quality appliances and electronics including speakers and that leads us to the comparison between two series of their products. So, therefore, the comparison is going to be based on the product descriptions and their value.


This shows the monetary value and worth of a product. Before one needs to buy a particular product, he or she must be able to balance the amount at hand and the price of the soundbar.

The Samsung a550 is priced at $177 while the Samsung q600a is priced at $321.95.

Samsung Hw-a550/zf Barra De Sonido 2.1/410w/subwoofer/dolby Audio Dts Virtual X

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The bodily appearance matters most in the decision-making of the kind of product to stretch out our bucks to purchase. There are different speakers and soundbars with different bodily appearances and designs, but to get an eye-catching and perfect one for our space, we need to make a set out for the one with a good body shape. So in this section, we will be considering these two soundbars based on their body designs.

Samsung a550:

Samsung a550 has a soundbar and a subwoofer packaged together with an amazing design. The bar and the subwoofer are both developed in an excellent and simple body design.

The bar is made up of plastic except the face is made of a metal grill protecting the drivers and the tweeters. Speaking of the woofers and the tweeters, the bar has two woofers and two tweeters which are housed in the bar. The color of this soundbar is black.

In terms of connectivity, there are two compartments at the back of the bar for the power port and the port for other inputs such as HDMI and optical ports. At the first compartment, there is an optical port and a USB port while the second compartment houses the two HDMI ports and a power port. It has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and remote control for navigating through the soundbar.

The subwoofer is a box-like speaker made of melamine. It has a hole called the vortex, a signal light for power, and a power port. The driver is covered with fabric.

The Verdict:

According to our economic comparison between these two soundbars, it is being seen that the Samsung q600a is way too expensive compared to the Samsung a550. This makes the Samsung a550 soundbar affordable for those who cannot afford the opponent speaker which is about double of its product. But people will say why you will have to spend such a huge amount of money on one soundbar when you can just buy the cheaper one and save the remaining bucks or eventually use it to buy another set of speakers to give out more quality of sound. But in the course of going through other descriptions, we may come across some special feature which influences the price.


Samsung q600a:

The Samsung q600a has a unique and classic design. It is consists of a soundbar and a subwoofer which produce a good and quality sound.

Talking about the soundbar, it is black in color and has three sets of tweeters and woofers housed in the bar. The top of the bar and front of the bar are covered with a metal grill for the purpose of protection for the woofers and the tweeters. There are manual buttons on the of the bar for navigation instead of using this; it also has a remote control for navigating through the soundbar, you can use this to fashion the sound to your own taste. Apart from the metal grids at the front and at the top of the bar, the other body component is made up of plastic.

For the purpose of connectivity, the port for the connection such as HDMI, Optical port, Power port, USB port is concentrated at the back of the bar. it has in-built Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

The subwoofer is a box-like structure with a bass driver covered with fabric. They come in black color and have a wooden body.


Samsung |HW-Q600A | 3.1.2ch | Soundbar | w/Dolby Atmos/DTS:X | 2021

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The Verdict:

Although these two soundbars have virtually the same design for the subwoofer, there is a slight difference which includes the metal grid covering both the top and the front of the bar in the case of the Samsung q600a soundbar which gives a new dimension of design and protection for both the top of the bar and the driver inside it.


How well a speaker produces sound is regarded as the sound quality. Many speakers produce a different kinds of sounds but few of them only produce the quality of sound to the listener. This is the most important thing to look out for before setting out to purchase a speaker or soundbar.

Samsung a550:

Samsung a550 soundbar is a 2.1 channel soundbar producing a mind-blowing sound. This is so because it has four drivers which are housed in the bar. The drivers are powered by a 160watts amplifier and 250watts for the subwoofer. So it has a total of 410watts.

Samsung q600a:

Samsung q600a is a 3.1.2 channel soundbar that produces a good quality of sound through the three woofers and three tweeters. The subwoofer is made up of one driver producing a bass enhanced sound. The metal grill on the top and front of the soundbar allows damp sound which will circulate the room.

The total power output for the soundbar and the subwoofer is 360watts which includes 200watts for the soundbar and 160watts for the subwoofer.

The Verdict: They both produce amazing sound but in the course of our comparison in term of the sound they produce, we could deduce that the Samsung q600a produce better sound compared to the opponent soundbar. It has six drivers housed inside the bar and a bass driver for the subwoofer but the Samsung a550 soundbar has only four drivers.

Final Verdict

Based on the comparison between these two soundbars, we could deduce that although the Samsung q600a produces more sound quality compared to the Samsung a550.

Economically, the Samsung a550 is less expensive compared to the opposite soundbar with a difference of about $145. So instead of stretching out a whole $321.95 to purchase just a speaker, one can rather buy the less expensive speaker and keep the extra bucks or buy a new set of speakers which will as well serve as backup for the Samsung a550.

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