Samsung Q800A vs Q700A which is a better choice?

Samsung is widely known for its superior home entertainment products. Among the best speakers in the market, many carry the Samsung brand. Today, we will explore the Samsung Q800A and the Samsung Q700A, which are pretty similar in almost every aspect. We will look into the different features that make each of them appeal to the end-user and the differences that will influence you to pick one over the other.

Samsung has quality soundbars that have generally set themselves apart from the competition by sounding naturally superior and delivering well-balanced sound. The good thing with these soundbars is that they come with exceptionally effective graphic EQs. This means you get a chance to customise the sound coming from the speakers hence customising your music and movie experience.

Whether you pick the Samsung Q800A or the Samsung Q700A, you stand to enjoy a whole new world of quality sound, when watching or listening. Either of these speakers is a serious upgrade to your TV watching or music streaming. Let us dive into the numerous features that make each of these soundbars stand out and know which one best fits your needs.

The company profile

Samsung, a South Korean company, was established in the 1930s. Besides being an established brand in the home appliance sector, it has a strong presence in the semiconductor, aerospace and textile industries.

Since 1969, Samsung has had a presence in the electronics arena. However, it wasn’t until 1989 that Lee Kun-Hee told his executives, ‘change everything but your wife and kids’ did real Samsung presence start getting felt on a global scale. Today, many people worldwide associate Samsung with cool TVs, fridges and sound systems. The Samsung Q800A and Samsung Q700A fall under the electronics sector of the company, and they don’t disappoint. With either of these products, you can rest easy knowing you will pick some of the best soundbars in that market range.

What is the size of the soundbars?

The size of a soundbar plays a significant role in the quality of sound it produces. Samsung has managed to compact these soundbars’ size without compromising the quality of music they produce. Both soundbars have a width of 38.6 inches and a height of 2.4 inches. They have a depth of 4.5 inches (11.5 cm), enabling the product to easily share the cabinet top with the TV and other items.

The Verdict

In this section, there are no winners because both soundbars measure the same. The length of the soundbars makes it impossible to fit a 55″ TV. The difference between these two soundbars comes in the subwoofers. The Q800S subwoofer measures 8 x 15.8 x 15.8 inches. This makes it bigger than the Q700A subwoofer, which measures 8 x 13.9 x 11.9 inches.

The design

Let us start with the Samsung Q800A. This soundbar comes in two components: the subwoofer and the soundbar. While the soundbar is slim and can perfectly fit beneath most modern TVs, the subwoofer is chunky and takes up more substantial space. It is important to note that the soundbar has two up-firing channel drivers, which effectively means that the soundbar should be placed in front instead of beneath the TV for proper sound delivery. The soundbar comes with a robust grill that makes it attractive and imposing.

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The Q700A soundbar doesn’t have side-firing channel drivers, the same case as the Q800A. This makes it easy to fit the soundbar even in space-constrained areas. Like the Q800A, the Q700A soundbar, built using Acoustic Beam Technology, boasts top-facing speakers. For effective sound delivery, the top of the soundbar must not be obstructed. The soundbar enjoys a perforated metallic grille covering the front and the sides. The angled sides of both soundbars make them appealing and unique.

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The Verdict

There are many similarities between these soundbars. Both can be wall-mounted. However, as a music enthusiast, you will notice that the Q800A is slightly superior to the Q700A. This is because its subwoofer is larger and boasts a more suave look.

The performance

The Samsung Q800A’s 3.1.2 channel configuration effectively delivers a total of 330W of audio output. The output is divided into front right, front left, front centre and two drivers dedicated for up-firing. The subwoofer gives you one bass channel. These up-facing channels are meant to fire sound directly onto the ceiling, which then bounces to create overhead effects associated with Dolby Atmos. You can invest in optional rear speakers for a complete 3D Dolby Atmos’ dome’ experience. The Q800A prides itself on having the Automatic Voice Amplifier, which monitors the background noise and adjusts the volume of when a dialogue part comes up in your move.

The Samsung Q700A soundbar, which boasts of a 3.1.2 setup, delivers a balanced mid-range that is clear and gives accurate vocals. The Dolby Atmos technology employed in making the unit ensures you enjoy virtual surround effect. The stereo frequency response is quite gratifying. Its mid-range is good and reproduces the vocals and the instruments clearly. The frequency range of the unit is between 49.0hZ and 19.9kHz.

The verdict

The Samsung Q800A soundbar scores more in this section because of its more effective subwoofer, which delivers thumpy beats. This is not to say that the Q700A will not make your movie-watching experience phenomenal. It effectively reproduces very balanced and accurate vocals and instruments at mid-range.

Technical specs

The Samsung Q800A soundbar has a wall mounting plate. The manufacturer has armed the soundbar with WiFi, Apple AirPlay2, and Bluetooth wireless capability. You can use the Alexa voice assistant to operate the soundbar. The up-firing speakers ensure that the sound is shot to the ceilings, where it then bounces back to your ears, creating a Dolby Atmos overhead surround effect. The soundbar has 2 HDMI inputs and one HDDMI output. The manufacturer has further invested in Q symphony audio technology, compatible with TVs, for a harmonious and cinematic experience. You will enjoy the low latency of the soundbar over the optical, HDMI and HDMI ARC ports. The remote provided is chunky and uses 2AA batteries.

The Samsung Q700A is very similar to the Q800A. The soundbar comes with a bass woofer which is quite effective in mid-range. The soundbar, just like the Q800A, comes with an LED display that works with the easy to use remote. Though the soundbar doesn’t come with room correction features, you can enjoy virtual surround, bass enhancement and dialogue enhancement. Present are 3 HDMI ports optical, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

The Verdict

The Q800A and the Q700A soundbars don’t have an RCA  option. These items are very similar, and only a seasoned audio expert can tell the difference. The differences, though, are brought about by the subwoofers’ size and specs. You will find that the Q800A scores slightly more than the Q700A when it comes to low-frequency extension, where the former reaches 28.7Hz and the latter 49 Hz.

Critical differences between the two speakers

When you closely look at the two soundbars, you will notice they are very similar. However, a closer look will reveal the slight difference in the colour. The Q800A is darker than the Q700A. But the noticeable difference comes in size and the performance of the subwoofers. The Q800A subwoofer measures 1,997 square inches while the Q700A measures 1,323 square inches. This allows the Q800A to deliver clearer and punchy bass beats irrespective of the volume. The Q700A struggles at delivering punchy bass at higher volumes.

The verdict

The Samsung Q700A is designed to help you enjoy watching your movies and listening to music. Unlike the Q800A, it does not come with Alexa voice assistant or any other voice assistant support. Because the subwoofer of the Q800A is bigger and superior, you will find that it is more effective at delivering more resounding thump and rumble in any action movie. The sound is also better balanced, and you get to enjoy more extended bass. You will love your music at high and low frequencies, unlike with the case of the Q700A, which struggles at high frequency. Both speakers don’t offer a good surround effect since they don’t have dedicated satellite speakers. Though the Q700A is slightly cheaper, you stand to gain more by investing in the Q800A since it has superior sound watching a movie or listening to your favourite music. The Alexa voice assistant also makes it score some extra points over the Q700A. The other features that make the Q800A score more points include the better subwoofer design.

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